URGENT: Hints of New Lockdowns in The Air – The American People Do NOT Consent!
And to add insult to injury, there are distressing indications that the Biden Administration, in a flagrant display of overreach, is allegedly contemplating the imposition of yet another suffocating lockdown/mandate due to the slight uptick in COVID infections.
In a report from the War Room, it's revealed that the Biden administration has begun stocking up on COVID-19 equipment and hiring a bunch of so-called safety advisors.This rather conveniently coincides with the spotlight being shone on the so-called EG.5 COVID variant and another mutation named BA.2.86. It appears that these developments are merely setting the stage for Biden and his lackeys to insinuate and potentially execute another tyrannical lockdown.
Oh, but the madness doesn't stop there. Morris Brown College in Atlanta has lost all reason and reinstated the whole circus of Mask Mandates, Social Distancing, Quarantine, and Contact Tracing, even though not a single COVID case has been reported on campus.
And guess what? Upstate University Hospital in Syracuse, New York, decided to hop on the bandwagon too, reimposing mask mandates just last week. Because, there's been a slight increase in COVID cases and apparently, the them and the media needed another reason to go berserk about the Eris (EG.5) subvariant.
But wait, there's more! Hollywood is back in the game, with Lionsgate taking the lead as the first major studio to bring back the delightful rituals of masking and daily testing for its LA office employees. All this hoopla, mind you, has occurred even after The Los Angeles County Department of Public Health mentioned that the rise in transmissions is a thing, but the "overall metrics remain at a low level of concern." 
And as if that wasn't enough lunacy, the Biden administration has the brilliant plan to shove booster shots down our throats this fall, supposedly to combat the new variants Eris and BA.2.86. How intriguing. I mean, can these power-hungry tyrants be any more blatant about their sinister intentions? They're basically tiptoeing towards another lockdown, blatantly trampling on our rights with ideas of unconstitutional mandates once again.
Here's a crystal-clear message to our esteemed congressional members – If you even think about whispering support for any form of lockdown or mandate, you better brace yourselves to be forcibly ejected from your positions.
And just to drive the point home, let's be perfectly clear – the American people aren't blind. We see right through the charade, the sneaky maneuvers aimed at paving the way for more unconstitutional power grabs.