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From one of the few old school journalists who didn’t sell out to big government and big technology:

“One more time: the US is in the bizarre, surreal situation where the leading advocates of state and corporate censorship are media corporations and their employees.” - Glenn Greenwald, Twitter

As leftists journalists and activist, but I repeat myself, squeal about the #TwitterFiles being the benign disclosures of “complex moderation” decisions, the real story is unequivocal proof that:

1) Democrats explicitly demand more censorship from Technology Companies.

2) Democrats have an open line into Technology companies to realize the censorship they desire. 

3) Twitter knew its censorship of the Biden story, just days before the 2020 election, was politically motivated and NOT due to some sort of policy infraction. 

“But at this point, the real story long ago ceased being about the contents of the Biden archive itself….The real story is how the CIA, corporate media and Big Tech all united to spread a CIA lie and manipulate the 2020 election by using it to censor reporting about Joe Biden.” - Glenn Greenwald, Twitter

As far as we know, the only member of Congress that sought to uphold the First Amendment – in other words, to honor their oath – is Democrat Ro Khanna. 

DEMAND FOR REMEDY: Go on record immediately about Twitter/Government First Amendment sabotage, and use every power in your office to bring justice for the American people. 

Remember your oath.