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You may have missed it, but the people are watching on the edge of their seats. On Friday evening, anti-Trumper and Rolling Stone contributor Matt Taibbi, began releasing the #TwitterFiles, otherwise known as Twitter’s internal communications related to censorship, targeting, and political interference. 

This initial document dump focuses on the decision making process that Twitter invoked to suppress the Biden Laptop in the run up to the 2020 Presidential Election. The internal emails released show that Twitter was absolutely engaging in political manipulation and, after they suspended the oldest newspaper in the country, looking for some sort of policy justification for their political actions. 

Accordubg ti Taibbi: "The problem with the ‘hacked materials’ ruling, several sources said, was that this normally required an official/law enforcement finding of a hack. But such a finding never appears throughout what one executive describes as a ‘whirlwind’ 24-hour, company-wide mess.”

In one incredible exchange, Twitter execs receive a list of accounts from the Biden Administration to “review.” The accounts were reportedly later suspended.

This first disclosure from Elon Musk and Matt Taibbi reveals executives in a panic, with Taibbi declaring, “There are multiple instances in the files of Dorsey intervening to question suspensions and other moderation actions, for accounts across the political spectrum.” 

In other words, the targeting, harassment, and suspensions of Twitter users for their political views was not only specific to the political right. In fact,  Democrat Congressman Ro Khanna appears in the released communications, trying to mediate with Twitter execs and reminding them about the First Amendment that Americans enjoy.  

Still, according to Taibbi, Khanna was the only Democrat that expressed concern.

DEMAND FOR REMEDY: Examine and expose every word of the #TwitterFiles; hold those who violated our rights accountable. Remember your oath.