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Dear Congress,

Over the weekend, the Twitter Files revealed even more about the federal government colluding with private companies and other entities to violate our rights, manipulate elections, and violate their oaths. 

“‘The questionnaire authors seem displeased with Twitter for implying, in a July 20th “DHS/ODNI/FBI/Industry briefing,’ that ‘you indicated you had not observed much recent activity from official propaganda actors on your platform.’”

“The task force demanded to know how Twitter came to its unpopular conclusion. Oddly, it included a bibliography of public sources - including a Wall Street Journal article - attesting to the prevalence of foreign threats, as if to show Twitter they got it wrong.”

“This exchange is odd among other things because some of the ‘bibliography’ materials cited by the FITF are sourced to intelligence officials, who in turn cited the public sources.”

DEMAND FOR REMEDY: Don’t wait until you’re caught to come clean about your part and what you know about the broader Criminal Covid Conspiracy.

Justice is Near.