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All you authoritarians, listen up: You had your chance. 

You had an opportunity to show that elites, the world’s “best” and “brightest” could police the public square, denying personal biases and enabling greater public discourse to build a better world. You failed in epic fashion. The First Amendment holds.

"Elon Musk's erratic behavior does not bode well for the future of free speech on social media," writes Jacob Mchangama in Time Magazine.

A degenerate man-child – whose academic research focused on the intersection Grindr and children as well as the construct of gay masculinity – was deciding how the President of the United States could engage with the American People. It turns out that the “best” and “brightest” in this case are borderline mentally ill and driven entirely by their feelings and triggers.

Who could have seen this coming? Oh, right, the Founding Fathers. 

Worse, a small handful of extremely biased silicon valley sociopaths were collaborating with at least three federal agencies to subvert the President of the United States and obstruct the will of the people. 

What do you call that? And did any of you, besides Democrat Ro Khanna, object to this obvious criminal conduct as it was happening, in the middle of an election? 

These recent disclosures implicate not only the embattled social publisher and its key executives, but multiple federal agencies and the offices of state and local elected officials.

Federal: Twitter’s “safety” chief was meeting weekly with the Director of National Intelligence, Department of Homeland Security, and Federal Bureau of Investigation to address what they claim was “election misinformation” – BEFORE the 2020 election. 

State and Local: Thanks to documents discovered in Missouri v. Biden, we now know that Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs and her team were working with their Twitter contacts to manipulate public opinion and silence opposition. Elections in which Hobbs was both in charge of the process and on the ballot. 

DEMAND FOR REMEDY: Immediately demand and release the DNI/DHS/FBI records and substance of their interactions with Twitter, beginning in 2015 through present.

Now is the time to pick a side. Do you want to represent the people or rule them? 

You cannot do both. Remember your oath.