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It seems like every day the Biden Administration is announcing additional funding for Ukraine. This morning, Janet Yellen announced another $10B.

This is on top of the $22.9B in military aid already provided, the $15.1B in economic aid and financial support, and the $9.9B in humanitarian aid – $48B according to the Council on Foreign Relations. And, of course, that is on top of the multi-billion dollar promises made by Joe Biden in Ukraine and Poland this week.

The American People don’t want this war. We don’t support this war. But most importantly, we cannot afford this war. 

American families are hurting, and we are constantly being told that our resources must be shipped somewhere else. Ukrainian families are getting a hands up while American families are getting the finger. 

Nowhere is this more evident than in East Palestine, OH. While Biden is showering Eastern Europe, Americans that need help are being ignored. They're being disrespected.

Who is holding the Executive Branch accountable? I know who is supposed to... YOU.

Remember your oath.