Dear Conservative,

It’s pretty common place for people in politics to call their opponents names. A lot of times it is all in good fun.

Sure, the Left will call us “right-wingers,” but we can fire right back and call them “socialists.”

The propensity for exaggeration is not lost on me. But what happens when a politician goes too far? What happens when the Majority Leader of the United States Senate goes on television and labels his opponents as violent “domestic terrorists?”

That is just what happened. And when Harry Reid was afforded an opportunity to backtrack his statement and asked what he meant by that, he replied “Just what I said.”

Let’s get one thing straight. Yes, there were terrorists in Bunkerville, Nevada involved in the whole cattle fiasco, but they sure as hell weren’t the People. No, the domestic terrorists were the ones who tried to steal a man’s livelihood at gunpoint and then threatened on-looking protesters with violence.

The only terrorists out there are these corrupt and militarized government bureaucracies that actively search for ways to ruin people’s lives!

Put the Government on notice! Tell Congress that wherever government seeks to trample on Liberty, We the People will be there to defend it!

For the past week, Congress has been out of session. No, this wasn’t a vacation…  This is what they call a “District Work Period.” That means that Congressmen and Senators are supposed to return home with open minds to hear the complaints of their constituents.

Harry Reid, however, refused to do that. No sooner had he arrived home in Nevada, he had labeled the opposition as “domestic terrorists.” Not only that, but Reid promised that a Federal Task Force was being organized to deal with the situation.

First of all, this charge carries very serious ramifications. If Cliven Bundy’s Supporters actually were labeled as domestic terrorists by law enforcement, that would give the government grounds to seize the assets and imprison anyone who gives them support. So much as writing that you support these “domestic terrorists” would be enough for the government to start an investigation and view you as a collaborator.

As shocking as it is to have the Senate Majority Leader calling Cilven Bundy’s supporters “domestic terrorists,” this is unfortunately nothing new. For years, the Federal government has been omitting the focus on Islamic Terrorism and replacing it in training manuals with mentions of radical conservative terrorists.

Here are some of the characteristics that Obama’s government agents look for to identify Conservative terrorists:

Do you believe your “way of life” is under attack? I certainly do. It’s becoming harder and harder to make a living in Obama’s America.

Are you “fiercely nationalistic” and “anti-global?” Who on earth would be pro-global!?

Are you “suspicious of centralized federal authority?”  Thomas Paine famously wrote that “government even in its best state is but a necessary evil; in its worst state an intolerable one.” The founding fathers would want us to be constantly vigilant and suspicious of tyranny in our government!

Did Cliven Bundy break a law? Of course, and even he admits it. However, in the words of St. Augustine of Hippo: “lex iniusta non est lex.” For all those who napped through high school Latin class, that translates to “an unjust law is no law at all.” Any law that contains even the slightest injustice is nothing but a Law-in-Name-Only (sure, let’s call them LINOs).

There is zero requirement to obey an unjust law. And any law that levies extreme punishments on people for grazing their cattle on Public land is an unjust law.

Hundreds of people, from as far away as New Hampshire and Florida, rallied behind Cliven Bundy to resist the government thugs that looked for every opportunity to punish a hard-working American. Is that terrorism?

If standing up against tyrannical government thugs is terroristic; if believing in individual liberty is terroristic; if being willing to defending life, liberty, and property is terroristic… then I guess I am a terrorist. If that is the title that the Obama administration has bestowed on us, then I will wear it proudly.

The Left views the conflict over the Bundy ranch as just another example of right-wingers trying to bully others… the Right sees it as a huge victory for the liberty movement.

Do you know what I see? I see a catalyst and a sign of more things to come. If hundreds of people will travel across the country just to defend a rancher that they never met, the Obama administration should tread lightly.

They awoke a sleeping giant, one that lay dormant for over 230 years.

It is time to put the Federal government on notice. It is time to tell them that wherever tyranny and out-of-control government rears its ugly head, we will be there waiting for them. Wherever government thugs use technicalities to threaten the livelihood of hard-working Americans, we will be there ready to take this country back!

The American people aren’t domestic terrorists. Harry Reid and the ilk he runs with are the domestic terrorists!

Put the Government on notice! Tell Congress that wherever government seeks to trample on Liberty, We the People will be there to defend it!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily