Yesterday, the El Paso County candidates that are challenging the results of the June 28, 2022 Colorado Primary results filed a petition with the Colorado Supreme Court. 

This is the fourth legal action involving the El Paso County candidates, who endured an embattled primary recount last month. For example, during the recount, an election worker was recorded modifying signed election records so that the original record of number of ballots, which was blank, matched the recount. The election worker was later dismissed, though no comment was provided by the County or the State. 

Gary Fielder is the attorney representing the El Paso candidates, and he joined Joe Oltmann on Tuesday morning’s Conservative Daily Podcast to discuss the ongoing legal battle before filing the petition Tuesday afternoon. During the show, Gary goes in depth on the multiple statute violations that Griswold has committed, including the violation of C.R.S. § 1-10.5-102(3)(a) that was first reported on Ashe in America on July 29th. 

The Petition for a Rule to Show Cause is a request for the Supreme Court to state why Jena Marie Griswold, Colorado Secretary of State, is exempt from following the law. From the the petition:

“Petitioners request that this Honorable Supreme Court issue a Rule to Show Cause in the nature of Quo Warranto, Mandamus and Prohibition directed at Respondent, JENA GRISWOLD, in her official capacity as Secretary of State of Colorado (Secretary), contesting her authority to, and prohibiting her from, issuing rules that circumvent the law established by the General Assembly, in protection of the purity and integrity of elections under Colo. Const. Art. 7, § 11; and, in the nature of Mandamus directed at the Secretary and Respondent, CHUCK BROERMAN, in his official capacity as Clerk and Recorder of the county of El
Paso, requiring them to comply with the election law established by the General Assembly, pursuant to C.R.S. § 1-10.5-102(3)(a) &(b).”

Wasting no time, the Colorado Supreme Court outright denied the petition. 

News of the swift action by Colorado’s highest court spread through social media, with allies of the candidates posting, “From the legal team: ‘We were just dismissed out of the Colorado Supreme Court a third time and are preparing for civil action under title 42 1983 in the SCOTUS. This is very very expensive. We need all the help we can get.’"

A second post shared the group’s PayPal and an address where donors can mail checks to support these candidates’ appeal to the United States Supreme Court:
Mail checks to:
Save Our Suffrage 
1435 Stuart St. 
Denver, CO 80204

When reached for comment, we asked Fielder’s team why they believed this action would result in a different outcome than their prior attempts. 

“We have a duty, as futile as it may seem, to exhaust our remedies,” was the response we received by email. 

The El Paso County, Colorado candidates are standing in the gap for free and fair elections, and they deserve our gratitude and support for their perseverance. Share this post, and be sure to watch Tuesday morning’s Conservative Daily Podcast for all the details of this case.