On Today's podcast, we spoke with Wisconsin State Representative Tim Ramthun, the man leading the charge to recall Wisconsin's 2020 Electoral College Electors. (Here's where you can listen to it)

One of the recurring themes from our podcast was that the election fraud was obvious from the very beginning and the Electors never should have been certified. And yet, there was a rush in these fraudulent states to certify their electors as fast as possible. They wanted to cement the fraud.

The only safeguard against this kind of election fraud was for Congress to block the Electoral College vote from being certified. On January 6th, we had lined up enough Congressmen and Senators to formally challenge the Electoral College results from all of the fraudulent states. Right as this started, a combination of Leftist agitators and Federal infiltrators stormed the police barricades outside the Capitol and the rest is history.

Congress ran to their bunkers and when they returned later in the day, there were no longer Senators willing to co-sponsor the Electoral College challenges. The GOP Establishment got to them and forced them to withdraw their support. They sabotaged the last-ditch effort to stop Joe Biden's fraud.

Well now, they want to make this sabotage permanent. The same RINOs who interfered with the challenges to the Electoral College ballots are now offering to help Democrats eliminate the ability for Congress to challenge the results all together!