This week, Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson announced that during that state's August 4 primary, around 10,600 mail-in ballots ended up being rejected.

The majority of them -- more than 6,400 -- were rejected because they arrived after election day. Another 1,100 were rejected because the voter had moved, and the address they used to vote was not the one they actually lived at. But the most important statistic, in my eyes, comes towards the end of the report: 846 mail-in ballots were rejected because the voter was deceased.

That's right. In Michigan so far this year, 846 "dead people" tried to cast a ballot. What I mean by that -- since the dead cannot actually vote -- is that 846 alive people tried to vote on behalf of someone who was already dead. These were literal cases of voter fraud. In 2016, the number was even higher (1,782).

The question isn't whether or not fraudulent mail-in ballots are being cast on behalf of dead people. This Michigan report proves that it happens. The question is how many of them end up getting counted...

Do you trust government officials to catch 100% of these fraudulent ballots? I know I don't...

But that is what Democrats are demanding that we do. Not only are they demanding universal mail-in voting, but they are also demanding that the GOP force states to abandon their voter ID laws and trust Democrat operatives, and postal workers, to handle all the ballots!

You must stand up and fight before it's too late! Send your instant message to Congress right now and STOP them from passing Nancy Pelosi's radical cheat-by-mail scheme into law!

Let's explain how Pelosi's cheat-by-mail scheme works. Tucked away in Section 322(c)(3)(A) of Pelosi's coronavirus relief bill is a provision that mandates that all states mail out ballots to every registered voter whenever there is a national disaster or a "public health emergency." What that means is that every registered voter in the United States would receive mail-in ballot this year, even if they are dead, incarcerated, moved away, or are otherwise ineligible.

This provision guarantees that tens of millions of ballots would be sent to the wrong people at the wrong addresses. Nevada tried this scheme earlier in the Spring. More than 223,000 ballots were returned as "undeliverable" in Clark County alone (the county home to Las Vegas). That is how dirty their voter rolls are. And yet, instead of fixing the system, the Nevada legislature recently held an emergency session to hold the November election the same way. Everywhere we have seen states roll out universal mail-in ballots this year, there has been fraud, discarded ballots, and disenfranchisement. Imagine if this scheme went national...

But like all things involving Democrats, it gets worse the more you read. Section 322(a)(1), once passed, would make it illegal for states to enact additional mail-in voting requirements or restrictions. So, if this were to pass, and a state like Michigan discovered that dead people cast ballots, this provision would prohibit the state from passing any additional ID or application safeguards in their absentee voting system to prevent against this... ever. The amendment is open ended and doesn't have an expiration date.

Does that mean states are stuck with whatever system they have in place now? Well, not exactly... Section 322(a)(2)(A) would require that states actually roll-back their existing voter ID requirements for people requesting an absentee or mail-in ballot. Typically, in order to get an absentee ballot, voters have to apply for one. That usually includes having to prove their identity and their address of residence. Pelosi's amendment would force states to abandon their voter ID checks and send out mail-in ballots without verifying the voter's name or address... The very next paragraph in the bill would make it illegal for states to require notaries or witnesses to prove voters' identities and sign off on ballots. If you wanted to guarantee fraudulent votes get cast, this is how you would do it.

The United States Postal Workers' Union has endorsed Joe Biden. Obviously, that does not mean all postal workers think that way. But considering that postal workers have been caught engaging in voter fraud and even caught throwing one candidate's campaign mailers into a dumpster, there are more than enough reasons to question whether the Postal Service can be trusted with managing a federal election... Still, the Left is demanding that Republicans hand over 25 billion to bail out the USPS for past mismanagement.

But if you dig deeper into the bill, you find that even Leftists don't trust the post office. You see, most states place limits on who is allowed to turn in an absentee ballot on someone else's behalf. This is done to reduce the likelihood for fraud. Usually, only a family member or caretaker can turn in an absentee ballot for someone else. But Section 322(f)(2)(A) would revoke those state laws, requiring them to allow "any person" to take possession of a mail-in ballot and turn it in on the voter's behalf. Yes, even Democrat operatives who are paid to go door to door and collect them. And just in case there was any confusion, Section 322(f)(2)(B) prohibits states from capping how many absentee ballots a "ballot harvester" can turn in. Ballot Harvesters would be allowed to dump thousands of ballots at polling places, no-questions-asked.

This is what the Democrats are pushing. Combined, these provisions, in my opinion, would guarantee a lot of fraudulent ballots get cast. Considering that the bill Pelosi is demanding prohibits states from verifying mail-in voters' identities, this seems to be the Left's goal...

And our sources are telling us that a vote on this monstrosity could be coming THIS WEEK!

You must stand up and fight before it's too late! Send your instant message to Congress right now and STOP them from passing Nancy Pelosi's radical cheat-by-mail scheme into law!

If you watched Trump's press conference yesterday, you saw that it was a madhouse. The already-rude reporters shed any semblance of being unbiased and started openly attacking and debating President Trump over his opposition to nationwide, universal mail-in ballots.

The Far Left knows that we are coming down to the wire. With less than 80 days now until the election, they know they are running out of time. If they want to impose their cheat-by-mail scheme on the entire country, their bill is going to have to pass this week. Otherwise, there likely will not be enough time to make it happen...

That is why they are putting pressure on the GOP. And the Republicans, unfortunately, are buckling.

The list of Republicans caving on the issue of mail-in voting grows longer every day. And it isn't just entrenched establishment GOPers like Mitt Romney, either. Marco Rubio has come out in support of mail-in voting as well.

As we are reporting, we are hearing that a vote on these measures could be coming this week. Too many Republicans are caving under the pressure and terrified of being blamed for the next round of stimulus being held up (Nancy Pelosi's doing).

If this package becomes law, the election will be stolen. The Republic will be lost.

You must stand up and fight before it's too late! Please, send your instant FaxBlast to Congress right now and STOP them from passing Nancy Pelosi's radical cheat-by-mail scheme into law!


Max McGuire

Advocacy Director

Conservative Daily