Years ago, when I moved out of New Jersey, I went through the process of un-registering to vote. A couple years went by and when my father was down at the polling place, he noticed that my name was still on the voter rolls. He told the poll worker that I had moved away and that my name should have already been removed from the rolls.

Fast forward to last week. My dad called me to let me know that despite the repeated efforts to un-register me, the county had decided to mail a ballot to my last known address anyway. Luckily, my dad was able to shred the ballot as soon as he got it. But this is something that we are seeing around the country.

In New York City, 100,000 ballots were sent out with the wrong names or to the wrong addresses. Now, with those 100,000 ballots floating about, in the wrong hands, the city wants to send another 100,000 ballots out with the addresses and names corrected.

In Michigan, absentee ballots were sent overseas to military personnel with Mike Pence's name missing. They were "accidentally" printed to include the Libertarian candidate as President Trump's running mate Election officials are telling the soldiers to disregard the first bad batch of ballots and hope that replacement ballots arrive in time. If those original ballots do get returned, expect Democrats to sue to try to disqualify the Trump votes...

Every day, we learn about new cases where bad or duplicate ballots are "accidentally" sent out. And in the midst of all of this, Democrats have hired "ballot harvesters" to round up as many of these ballots as possible, even if they are fraudulent.

Luckily, there is a solution and it is actually a Democrat bill. Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI) has introduced H.R.8285, the Election Fraud Prevention Act, to put an end to ballot harvesting once and for all. But she urgently needs your help to force the vote!

Help us put an end to illegal ballot harvesting once and for all! Send your instant FaxBlast to Congress right now and DEMAND an immediate vote on H.R.8285!

Gabbard is pushing to force a vote on this common sense legislation after news broke in Minnesota that ballot harvesters connected to Rep. Ilhan Omar are "harvesting" ballots, often times from elderly victims.

The bill is common sense. H.R.8285 would cut off all Federal election funding to states that insist on allowing ballot harvesting. First of all, we need to define what ballot harvesting is. Normally, states allow only four classes of people to handle someone else's absentee ballots: (1) postal workers and (2) election officials, which is obvious, but also (3) family members and (4) medical caregivers. The reason for this is that states want to make sure whoever handles the ballot is qualified to do it and has the voter's best interest at heart. 

Once a ballot changes hands, the potential for fraud skyrockets. Yes, votes can be changed and added, especially if the ballots are harvested blank. But a bigger risk is that ballot harvesters can actually discard ballots if they don't like who the voter voted for.

Suppose a Democrat-funded ballot harvester goes up to a house that has a Trump sign in the yard or a Republican bumper sticker on their car. Does anyone really believe that Democrat operatives would be trusted with turning in a Republican ballot? Of course not...

But it gets even more sinister than that. As we saw with Project Veritas' latest expose, ballot harvesters in Minnesota admitted on camera to paying people for their blank absentee ballots. They also admitted to going into nursing homes and "harvesting" votes from elderly residents, even going so far as to fill out their ballots for them.

Tulsi Gabbard's bill works by targeting Federal election funding disbursed as part of the 2002 Help America Vote Act. The goal of that bill was to give states the funding they need to upgrade election equipment and efficiently run elections. States rely on this funding to manage their elections. H.R.8285 would cut off all access to these funds if a state insists on allowing paid political activists to harvest ballots.

Sure, radical states like California might bite the bullet and give up federal funding to let Democrat operatives continue harvesting ballots. But most states cannot afford to manage their elections without Federal assistance and will have no choice but to outlaw ballot harvesting. And in states where activist judges have authorized ballot harvesting to take place, this new Federal law would give state legislators all the reason to override those activist rulings.

This is how we protect the Republic. This is how we ensure that the election is not stolen.

We are running out of time to get this through. Ballot harvesters are already perpetrating the steal. We can stop them, but it is up to YOU to force Congress to hold the vote NOW!

Help us put an end to illegal ballot harvesting once and for all! Please, send your instant FaxBlast to Congress right now and DEMAND an immediate vote on H.R.8285 before it's too late!

Stop the steal before it's too late!

Max McGuire

Advocacy Director

Conservative Daily