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The #twitterfiles are revealing much about the level of coordination between the Biden Campaign, and then the Biden White House, collaborating with Twitter to silence their political opponents and any critical content, in the run up to the 2020 election

Between the Biden Laptop and the Pfizer files, you have more than enough evidence to impeach.

Still, the more explosive revelations about election meddling are coming out about the most local levels, with election officials, such as AZ SecState Katie Hobbs, censoring their political opponents to tip the electoral scale. Is your position that this a coincidence? 

Uniparty elected officials at the federal level appear to have set the standard for conduct among uniparty elected officials at the state and local levels, officials like Katie Hobbs. Is it a coincidence that this standard of conduct has the express intent of misleading the American voters during a contentious election cycle. 

Coincidence? Or is this your playbook? The most obvious answer is usually the correct one.

As the people’s representatives, you have a duty and responsibility to do the work of the people. You swear an oath to protect our rights. Do you think it’s okay to violate your oath because you really, really don't want to lose an election? Can you even conceive of the magnitude of that violation?

DEMAND FOR REMEDY: Use every power of your office to find and expose the truth about this overwhelming government corruption and collaboration to steal elections and violate Americans’ natural rights. 

Remember your oath.