We achieved a major victory. The stimulus funding to re-open the small business loan program (PPP) passed the Senate unanimously yesterday. Agreeing to hold a vote on the bill as-is tomorrow, Pelosi and Schumer appear to have given up on her Leftist demands.

Or did they...?

Immediately after inking the deal, Schumer ran to the nearest microphone and promised that this latest agreement -- what he called Stimulus 3.5 -- will NOT be the last stimulus bill.

"There will be a big, broad, bold Covid 4 (bill)," Schumer promised. "For anyone who claims this is the last train out of the station, that is not even close to the case... It's going to have a lot of stuff -- too long to list."

He wasn't talking to the American people... Schumer was talking to Leftists in Congress who are furious that Democrats failed to get their biggest agenda items added to the bill. The Left held tens of thousands of small businesses hostage for two weeks and got next to nothing in return.

Schumer and Pelosi responded by promising to pass the Far Left's biggest Coronavirus proposal: nationwide mail in voting and ballot harvesting. 

Democrats are trying to steal the 2020 Election. This fight is not over!

Help us stop Pelosi and Schumer from stealing the election! Send your instant FaxBlast to Congress and force them to KILL the Far Left's plan to legalize mail-in voting and ballot harvesting!

This combination of nationwide mail-in voting and ballot harvesting would be fatal to our Republic.

First of all, Federal data now shows that a whopping 16.4 million mail-in ballots went missing in 2016 and 2018. These are ballots that were supposed to be delivered to voters, but went missing. Those are 16.4 million opportunities for fraud. And we know that many of those ballots did end up being fraudulently filled out and submitted.

Right now, most states allow people to vote by mail if they are disabled or plan to be out of town on election day. We know that the majority of voter fraud cases that end up being prosecuted stem from this kind of mail-in voting. It is just too easy to scam and too hard for the government to verify the integrity of the ballots.

Democrats want to mandate mail-in ballots nationwide. Let me be clear: this is nothing but a thinly veiled attempt to steal the 2020 election. That is because the Democrats are coupling mail-in voting with ballot harvesting.

Typically, when someone gets an absentee ballot, they either need to mail or turn it in themself, or give it to a close family member or trusted caregiver to turn-in on their behalf. "Ballot harvesting" is the idea that anyone should be allowed to take possession of a mail-in ballot and turn it in for them, including paid political operatives. 

We've all experienced paid canvassers knocking on our door to encourage us to vote for a certain candidate or ballot initiative. Ballot harvesting would allow those same paid operatives to encourage people to fill out the ballots right then and there, and then take possession of the ballot to submit it on their behalf. If Leftists tried this in a voting booth, they would be arrested for voter intimidation...

There are examples in California where right before the polls closed, "ballot harvesters" arrived at polling locations to drop off hundreds, and in some cases even thousands, of ballots. And by law, they all had to be counted... That is how California Democrats were able to flip so many Republican seats in the midterms. Democrat PACs paid operatives to go door to door to collect people's ballots.

If Democrats get their way and legalize ballot harvesting nationwide, we will lose our Republic. If the Left is able to mandate mail-in ballots, voter fraud will skyrocket and Democrats will win in a landslide.

That is what is at stake. The very future of this country is on the line, right now. Pelosi, Schumer, and Democrats want to use this crisis to open the door for more voter fraud and seize power.

You CANNOT let them win!

Stop Pelosi and Schumer from stealing the election! Send your instant FaxBlast to Congress and force them to KILL the Far Left's plan to legalize mail-in voting and ballot harvesting!

We need to mobilize to put an end to this right now. The United States is already past the "apex" of cases. Even the most unpredictable models now predict no new coronavirus infections by August at the latest. No experts are suggesting that we will be in lock-down by the time the November election comes around.

Democrats couldn't care less. The Left is living up to their mantra of 'never let a good crisis go to waste.' They are trying to push through this radical election bill to ensure that Democrats never lose another election.

There is no coming back if this bill goes through. That is why we need your help right now to stop them!

Join the fight to stop Pelosi and Schumer from stealing the election! Quick, send your urgent FaxBlast to Congress and force them to KILL the Far Left's plan to legalize mail-in voting and ballot harvesting!

Stop them right here and right now!

Joe Otto

Conservative Daily