Democrats have been pushing for weeks to advance their cheat-by-mail scheme. They are still trying to force a vote this week on a bill that would force all 50 states to conduct the 2020 election by mail and send ballots to all registered voters. Democrats know this will increase their party's turnout, along with guaranteeing that voter fraud becomes easier.

But just to make sure their party wins, the Democrats plan also abolishes state level voter ID laws and would force states to allow ballot harvesters - paid Democrat operatives - to go door to door to help people fill out their ballots and then turn it in on their behalf (a practice that also guarantees fraud).

They are still pushing for this and our sources continue to warn us that the cowards in the GOP are considering a surrender on this.

But right now, I need to warn you about something that is actually more dangerous. Democrats are pushing to extend the deadline for states to finalize their election results. They want to give their party as much time as possible to steal the election!

Stop the GOP idiots from extending the election deadlines to give Democrats more time to cheat! Send your instant message to Congress right now and force them to KILL any bill designed to change or extend the ballot counting or Electoral College deadlines!

When you go to the polls on November 3rd, you will vote for the candidate of your choice. But what you are actually doing is voting for that Presidential candidate's electoral college electors: men and women chosen to vote for the candidate in the electoral college.

The Constitution states that the President has to be sworn in on January 20, but doesn't place any deadline on the Electoral College. Congress passed a law in 1948 requiring that states certify their elections and choose their delegation to the Electoral College by December 12th. That gives states roughly a month to finalize the results...

No surprise, Democrats are now claiming that is not enough time. The Biden Campaign and Democrats are now openly admitting that they expect Donald Trump to win the election day vote. However, as states begin to count absentee and mail-in ballots in the days following the election, they expect Joe Biden to mount a comeback and ultimately win the Presidency. This is how Democrats plan to steal the presidency: by overwhelming states with more mail-in ballots than ever and then fighting in the courts to make sure they all count.

This is why Democrats are pushing this week to change the 1948 law to give states more time to count ballots. They know that they will need as much time as possible to complete their steal...

Remember in 2008 when Al Franken was losing his election in Minnesota, but then poll workers found uncounted ballots days after the polls closed that put him ahead? Remember in Broward County, Florida in 2018 when poll workers discovered provisional ballot boxes that had been left in rental cars?

This is what Democrats are trying to do, but on a national scale. They do not believe that one month is long enough for them to successfully steal the election. They want to give states more time to count ballots, so that the Biden Campaign can have more time to fight to make sure they are all counted.

We are already seeing Democrats also demand that the restrictions on mail-in ballots be loosened to allow ballots to count even if they don't have a postmark or arrive a couple days late. Just think about that for a second... If a mail-in ballot doesn't have a postmark date, and arrives to the polling place late, Democrats believe that the ballots should count. In Arizona, the Left is currently suing to give Native American voters more time to turn in their mail-in ballots than other citizens. Why? Because Native Americans typically vote for Democrats...

Here is the part that is going to blow your mind. While Democrats are the ones pushing to extend the electoral college deadline, they weren't the ones who wrote the bill. The legislation they are now pushing was written by none other than Florida Republican Marco Rubio...

Stop the GOP idiots from extending the election deadlines to give Democrats more time to cheat! Send your instant message to Congress right now and force them to KILL any bill designed to change or extend the ballot counting or Electoral College deadlines!

Rubio's unnamed legislation would extend the deadline for both the states and the Electoral College to complete the election. Instead of states having to certify their results by December 12th, Rubio's bill would give states until January 1, 2021 to finalize the electors they send to the electoral college. The Electoral College would then have until January 2, 2021 to pick the President.

Democrats are trying to rush through this bill this week to give them more time to steal the election, and the Republicans are the ones who wrote the legislation for them. That's how stupid the GOP has become...

The Left knows they are running out of time to change the rules for the 2020 election. They know that Biden needs mail-in votes to win, and they want to change the rules to give states more time to count those ballots and the Biden campaign more time to challenge each and every vote.

This is insane, but unless you rise up and stop them right now, the GOPers are going to team up with Democrats to rush this through!

Stop the steal!

Max McGuire

Advocacy Director

Conservative Daily