It was stolen. Based on new security camera footage, we can now see that tens of thousands of Detroit ballots were improperly handled.

The Gateway Pundit has been fighting for months to secure security camera footage at the TCF Center in Detroit to finally prove or disprove the affidavits that alleged ballots were illegally or improperly delivered to the ballot counting center in the middle of the night.

They finally received that footage and released it this morning... It is about as damning as it gets.

The footage shows a white van arrive at the TCF Center at 3:30 am, unload 50-60 unsealed USPS boxes of ballots, then leave at 3:53 am. The video then shows the van come back to the ballot counting center at 4:30 am so more boxes of ballots could be unloaded.

The boxes were not sealed pursuant to Michigan's election law (168.24j). The ballots were transferred in open top USPS boxes, the same kind that you would receive if you asked the Post Office to hold your mail while you went on vacation. Not only were these not approved "ballot containers" or "transfer containers," but they could not have possibly been a ballot container because they were not "capable of being sealed by a metal seal."

What we see on this video is criminal. Specifically, 168.24j of Michigan's Election Law states that any clerk who permits the use of an unapproved ballot container is guilty of a misdemeanor.

The implications for the election, though, are serious. We now have the proof that ballots were transferred in the middle of the night using illegal and unsecured ballot containers and without sufficient observers present to ensure proper chain of custody. We also know that these massive ballot deliveries, according to the affidavits, consisted of almost exclusively Biden ballots and immediately preceded a massive spike in ballot counting that allowed Biden to take the lead.

Don't let them sweep this under the rug! Join the fight right now and send your urgent FaxBlast to Congress DEMANDING a full investigation into the Michigan 3:30am ballot deliveries and all other credible allegations of voter fraud!

The Great Lakes Justice Center sued back in February to get a court to stop the certification until these claims could be worked out. 

Two affiants - Andrew Sitto and Daniel Gustafson - testified under oath that they saw precisely what we now can see on video. Ballots came out of nowhere at 3:30 am and 4:30 am and were delivered in unsealed containers, without the proper chain of custody paperwork or proof.

Judge Timothy Kenny ruled that the affidavits were not believable. The judge dismissed the lawsuit, stating that it was rife with "generalized speculation fueled by the belief that there was a Michigan legal requirement that all ballots had to be delivered in a sealed box. Plaintiffs have not supplied any statutory requirement supporting Mr. Gustafson's speculative suspicion of fraud."

It literally took me five minutes this morning to find the Michigan Statute dictating what can and cannot be used as a ballot transfer case. 168.24j(3) states that "a ballot container shall not be approved unless it meets both of the following requirements: (a) It is made of metal, plastic, fiberglass, or other material, that provides resistance to tampering. (b) It is capable of being sealed with a metal seal." The judge simply refused to read the law. It is stunning.

This all comes on the heels of news out of the Supreme Court that the nine Justices will meet for a conference on February 19th and debate whether to finally hear the Pennsylvania case, Sidney Powell's Michigan case, or Lin Wood's Georgia lawsuit.

Here we are, a month after inauguration, and not only do we have proof that the affidavits were correct and that ballots were mishandled, but the Supreme Court has decided to actually do its job and debate the merits of the lawsuits.

In order for the Supreme Court to hear a case, at least four Justices would need to believe it is worth hearing. If four Justices vote during a conference to hear a case, then it gets added to the schedule. Will they vote to hear these cases? Probably not. But it is absolutely insane that we are even in this position. The Supreme Court could have issued a decisive ruling in November or December, but chose not to. They allowed Joe Biden to be inaugurated knowing that there were appeals pending before them alleging the results to be fraudulent or inaccurate.

And now we have this video showing, without any doubt, that the allegations were correct: ballots arrived in the middle of the night, seemingly out of nowhere, in unsecure and unapproved transfer boxes, without observers present to guarantee proper chain of custody. 

The American people deserve the truth. They deserve to know that they have a duly-elected President. Until the contents of this new video are fully investigated, the American people will never have that...

But the spineless Republicans are instead threatening to help Democrats convict the President if he even mentions fraud in his impeachment trial next week...

The GOP and Dems want to sweep this all under the rug. You CANNOT let them!

Don't let them sweep this under the rug! Join the fight right now and send your urgent FaxBlast to Congress DEMANDING a full investigation into the Michigan 3:30am ballot deliveries and all other credible allegations of voter fraud!

The American people deserve answers. We deserve to have confidence that the vote tallies were legitimate.

Right now, we don't have that. It is impossible to say the results were legitimate given this new Michigan ballot delivery video.

We need your help to fight this! Our goal today is to bombard Congress with a Half-Million FaxBlasts DEMANDING that they launch a full investigation into these election fraud allegations and evidence.

But we can't do it without your help!

Fight for what's right!

Max McGuire

Conservative Daily