No doubt that President Trump is the king of political branding and messaging. He has a knack for identifying an opponent's weakness and painting a picture in the audience's minds to make sure that they focus specifically on that weakness.

But with the Chinese Coronavirus, Trump is on another level.

Without fail, whenever he mentions COVID-19 by name, he refers to it as the "Chinese Virus."

Some in his administration have opted not to use that terminology, but Trump is unapologetic. When the mainstream media calls him out on it, he quite simply explains that the virus came from China, and therefore it is the Chinese Coronavirus. Just like Ebola is named after a river in Africa and Middle East Respiratory Syndrome was named after the region where it emerged.

But what is amazing is that apparently the President's own aids and speech writers aren't on board completely with his branding campaign.

The Washington Post caught a shot (shown above) of President Trump's prepared notes for today's press conference. Aside from just how large the font is to make sure that Trump can see it just by briefly glancing down, the biggest takeaway is that the word "Corona" is crossed out with sharpie and replaced with "Chinese."

The Left is trying to use this to criticize Trump, but personally, I think it's awesome!