Fellow Conservative,

We’ve learned a lot about Hillary Clinton over the past few days and as the evidence against her continues to stack up, it is becoming clear that she will likely be charged with a crime. If convicted, it’s likely she could face jail time.

I stayed up late last night reading into all of the allegations against Hillary and it is worse than we previously thought.

A few days ago, it was revealed that during her entire time at the State Department, Hillary Clinton only used a private email address (even to conduct official business).

Now, we’re finding out that Hillary Clinton’s email was actually run off a server in her own home!

You don’t do this unless you’re trying to cover something up!

Congress just subpoenaed ALL of Hillary Clinton’s emails! When (not if) Hillary is caught breaking the law, demand that she be held in Contempt of Congress!

We are talking about a woman who, according to her aides, didn’t know how to use a computer until she was in her 40s.

The only reason that a public servant would use a private email server hosted out of her house would be to hide her emails from the public she serves.

That’s not just unethical… it’s illegal. And it is the same crime that General Petraeus just pleaded guilty to.

You see, in Petraeus’ case, he pleaded guilty to storing classified materials on his unsecure, private email account. The law requires that classified documents be stored on secure government servers to protect against hackers.

The State Department is saying that Hillary Clinton ONLY used her private email account while she was Secretary. Which means one of two things:

Either she never received any classified material by email while she was Secretary of State (extremely unlikely) or she committed hundreds, if not thousands, of misdemeanors and felonies by keeping those documents unsecure on her private server.

Those are the only two options. Either Mrs. Clinton wasn’t doing her job, or she was committing crimes on a daily basis.

The penalty for storing classified emails on a non-government, unsecure email server is up to a year in prison and $100,000 fine PER DOCUMENT. This isn’t a felony, but it is a misdemeanor that carries prison time.


The other law that she might have broken is the statute prohibiting the destroying/concealing of government documents. The punishment for knowingly concealing or destroying government email records is 3 years in prison PER OFFENSE.

This second violation is a FELONY and would disqualify her from holding public office!

There is no doubt in my mind that Hillary Clinton illegally kept classified materials on her private email server. It would be inconceivable for the Secretary of State – possessing the highest security clearance – would not discuss anything classified over email.

The whole thing stinks. It stinks to high heaven.

There have literally been hundreds of subpoenas and Freedom of Information Act requests that Hillary Clinton thwarted by concealing her emails.

Now, the House committees investigating Benghazi have subpoenaed her private emails. But by now, anything of substance has probably been deleted.

You need to DEMAND that Congress go through ALL of her emails with a fine-toothed comb. We know that Clinton has concealed documents/emails. That’s the only reason that a Federal employee would go to such great lengths to maintain control over her email servers.

General Petraeus did the same thing and he is being let off with just a slap on the wrist. Even if Congress hands over evidence to Eric Holder’s Department of Justice, the Obama administration will never prosecute Hillary Clinton.

The House has been trying to get Hillary Clinton’s emails for years. When the State Department opened its investigation into the Benghazi attack, Hillary Clinton’s emails were never even used!

What is going on here is criminal and now this woman wants to be President? No way!

It is up to YOU to DEMAND that Hillary Clinton be held in Contempt of Congress for her actions!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily