Democrats claimed that the bipartisan relief bill that was negotiated in the Senate was not good enough. Democrats promised that if given the opportunity, Nancy Pelosi and House liberals would do better.

They lied. They failed.

The bill that Nancy Pelosi pushed through was a case study in how NOT to put the American people first. It is 1,400 pages long, full of Leftist/Socialist pork.

Here are the ten biggest examples in Pelosi's bill that prove the Democrats do not care about you or your well-being.

10. $35 million for the Kennedy Center of the Performing Arts

It should go without saying, but filibustering a relief bill and forcing Americans to lose their jobs in order to secure funding for a performing arts center is pretty ridiculous.

9. Increased fuel efficiency standards for airlines.

Democrats believed that if the government is going to bail out the airline industry -- which itself is a controversial proposal given how the industry mishandled its record profits over the past couple months. But to slip in fuel efficiency standards into the relief bill is horribly tone deaf.

8. Diversity transparency regulations for corporations.

The Democrats' response to the Chinese Coronavirus is to white-shame American businesses. As a term of any government loan or bailout, the bill would require that government start collecting data from companies on “employee demographics,” “supplier diversity,” “pay equity,” and “corporate board diversity." Democrats couldn't help themselves. They put wokeness over saving the American economy...

7. Nationwide Mail-In Voting, Same Day Registration, and Ballot Harvesting

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The bill includes a Federal takeover of voting laws and would set up nationwide requirements for states to implement mail-in voting and allow people to register to vote same-day. Experts have long warned that without the proper regulations and oversight, these kinds of provisions open up the door for rampant voter fraud.

During election seasons, we all get people knocking on our door and encouraging us to vote for a candidate or ballot issue. Ballot harvesting, however, goes one step further. When ballot harvesters show up at someone's door, they can, right there on the spot, encourage someone to fill out a ballot, seal the envelope, and hand it over to THEM to deliver to the state. Not only does this open up the door for rampant fraud, but it allows parties and dark money groups to intimidate voters into supporting their candidates/causes.

6. Obamphones

Title III, Section 301 of Nancy Pelosi's bill allocates $1 billion for  "emergency lifeline broadband benefit" for every"qualifying low-income consumer." Aka OBAMAPHONES.

This goes further than just the phones, though. It calls for government-subsidized internet access for Americans living in poverty.

Millions of Americans have now lost their jobs and Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats held up the stimulus deal in order to try and bring back Obamaphones...

5. Post Office Bail-Out

Pelosi's bill prioritizes the Post Office and tries to use the crisis to clear the Post Office's balance sheet. $11 billion in debt would be wiped away and the Postal Service would get $20 billion in stimulus. All without fixing the processes and unfunded liabilities that got the Post Office into that much debt to begin with...

4. Extension of Foreign Worker Visas

All across the country, foreigners are working in American companies. They have special visas that allow them to work here without becoming Permanent Residents or Citizens. Those visas are not permanent and eventually expire, opening the door for an American or Permanent Resident to take that job. But as millions of americans are now out of work and struggling to provide for their family, Nancy Pelosi's bill would prioritize foreign workers and extend their visas so they can continue working in the United States. Americans are out of work and Nancy Pelosi's plan is to extend foreign work permits...

3. Funding for Planned Parenthood

Once again, Nancy Pelosi and Democrats are going to bat for abortion providers, complaining that the Senate GOP bill would block Planned Parenthood from getting Federal funds during the bailout. This provision, as reported by the NY Times, has not been added to the bill yet, but Democrats are trying to. They want to make sure that American taxpayers will be bailing out the abortion industry as well.

2. Foreign Refugee and Migration Assistance Funding

Shockingly, Nancy Pelosi's bill includes $300 million in foreign aid to go to migrants and refugees overseas. At a time when the government should be putting America First, Democrats in Congress cannot help but prioritize refugees overseas...

1. Permanent Amnesty for Illegal Aliens

While not in the bill yet, the Democrats' Hispanic Caucus is pressuring Nancy Pelosi to include provisions to offer permanent amnesty to everyone involved in Barack Obama's DACA executive order (which is expected to be overturned by the Supreme Court this term). Instead of focusing on helping Americans, these Democrats want to prioritize illegal aliens...

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