There is no longer any doubt. When Joe Biden announced that he was putting Robert Francis "Beto" O'Rourke in charge of his campaign's gun control policy, that was him adopting the crazy gun control proposals from O'Rourke's failed campaign.

As you remember, Robert Francis O'Rourke tried to save his dying campaign last year by speaking the Democrat Party's unspeakable truth: gun confiscation is their ultimate goal and the next time the country elects a Democrat President, he or she will be coming for Americans' guns.

Biden apologists tried to explain away his new partnership with "Beto" by saying that it does not equate to a full endorsement of all of the gun control proposals from O'Rourke's campaign.

But during a late night stop at a Whataburger after that rally, Biden was asked about his new partnership with O'Rourke and admitted what we have known all along. He is no moderate and if elected, he will confiscate Americans' firearms...

And there it is. Biden didn't just offer "Beto" a job. He offered to adopt his most radical gun control proposals as well.

This is a video of Joe Biden looking directly into the camera and promising to take away Americans' guns if elected. And he had the audacity to make this promise in Texas...

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