Leftist activist judges are out of control in this country.

US District Judge Jon Tigar is an Obama appointee who sits in California District Court. Earlier this year, he issued a nationwide injunction against Donald Trump's 'Remain in Mexico' policy.

Under the new policy, asylum seekers were required to wait in Mexico while their asylum cases were adjudicated. This program was put in place because the Obama administration's policy of catch-and-release was simply not working.

When an illegal alien is released from ICE or Border Patrol custody, they are given a notice to appear in court. But the data shows that over 90% of catch-and-release illegal aliens never bother showing up to their hearings. They use the asylum application to force their way into the country and then disappear.

The Remain in Mexico Program is designed to combat this fraud. Illegal aliens would no longer be able to commit asylum fraud in order to force their way into the country. Only after their asylum applications are approved would they be allowed in.

The program was up and running for a couple of months and we were seeing startling results. Of the first 1,150 asylum applicants to participate in the Remain in Mexico program, ZERO had their asylum claims approved. None of them were legitimate asylum seekers. And because their cases were adjudicated with them in Mexico, they can't just disappear into the US. Even more, if they are caught trying to re-enter the US, the penalties are now much stricter since they have already had their cases adjudicated.

Jon Tigar, however, vowed to put an end to this policy. He issued a nationwide injunction against the Trump administration earlier this year prohibiting any Border Patrol agent from enacting the Remain in Mexico policy.

The Trump administration immediately appealed and argued that a US District Court in California has absolutely no right to issue a nationwide injunction. The Appeals Court agreed. They upheld the injunction within the 9th Circuit, but lifted the injunction in New Mexico and Texas.

Well, that apparently pissed Jon Tigar off. Just today, Judge Tigar has issued a new ruling defying the Appeals Court and reinstating his nationwide injunction. Tigar wrote that a nationwide injunction, governing every inch of US border, is required because "such breadth is necessary to remedy a plaintiff's harm."

So just like that, one Obama Judge just forced the Trump administration to resume the catch-and-release program at the border.

Trump's policies are working. The asylum crackdown, border wall construction and pressure on Mexico caused illegal border crossings to drop by half last month.

But this one Obama judge is trying to keep the border wide open... It is absolutely shameful!