A big part of running for President, in either party, is gathering endorsements. Whether they are members of Congress or local papers from around the country, candidates want glowing endorsements.

And, if they happen to get far enough in the process, Presidential candidates are expected to release information on their physical, along with a doctor's note claiming they are fit to serve. Most of the time, those endorsements fail to garner any real media coverage.

But Joe Biden is breaking the mold. Instead of waiting, he is getting his doctor's endorsement now. And instead of turning to his general practitioner, Biden is turning to his brain surgeon.

In case you forgot, Joe Biden is the only candidate in the race who has a brain surgeon. Biden suffered not one but two aneurysms in 1988. Dr. Neal Kassell operated on him three decades ago and promises that Joe Biden is someone he is "absolutely certain has a brain that is functioning."

Oh boy, what a ringing endorsement. Even if this was normal -- it isn't -- Kassell's comment is just so... awkward. I have never heard anyone positively use the phrase "functioning brain."

Let's just take a step back for a second. First of all, Joe Biden's team is actually celebrating this endorsement. That is pathetic. If a candidate needs to turn to his brain surgeon to reassure the American people that his brain is "functioning," that is not a good look.

But just the fact that this even needs to be said is even worse. Biden's gaffes have become so bad that people are actually starting to worry that the 76-year-old isn't all there in the head. And it is hard to argue with him. Biden's campaign is focusing primarily on two states right now: Iowa, New Hampshire; the first two contests in the primary.

It is pretty easy. If Joe Biden is campaigning on the East Coast, chances are he is in New Hampshire (or, more recently, South Carolina too).

But the other day, Joe Biden thought he was in Vermont, which doesn't hold its primary until Super Tuesday, in the beginning of March 2020. There is literally no reason for any Democrat to be campaigning in Vermont right now. And yet, Joe Biden actually believed that his campaign had scheduled him for a walkabout in Vermont. He believed that he had just met with the mayor of a Vermont town and shaken Vermonters' hands.

The whole reason to campaign in New Hampshire is because it is the first primary. Everyone knows this. To think that his campaign would be prioritizing Vermont this early, especially with Bernie Sanders expected to sweep the state, is really stupid. It is pretty obvious that Biden's brain wasn't functioning.

And then there is the sudden bouts of honest we've been seeing out of Uncle Joe lately. He was asked during an interview whether he was going to 'come for Americans' guns,' and Joe responded "BINGO!" He recently was caught talking about his healthcare proposal and admitted that the plans would "not be quality." Honesty from politicians is supposed to be refreshing. But these are such self-inflicted wounds that it is clearly a mistake.

But there is also the stuttering and stammering. The minute that Joe gets off of his prepared talking points, he becomes a stammering mess.

All of this points to a brain that might be technically "functioning," but is nevertheless in decline.

But I think the worst part of all of this is seeing Joe on the campaign trail. Sure he puts on a smile for cameras, but it really looks like his heart isn't in it.

He doesn't know where he is, can't stop the gaffes, is admitting his policies will hurt the American people, and struggles to even complete off the cuff sentences.

Joe Biden himself even jumped into the fray and promised voters that "I want to be clear, I'm not going nuts." Those words actually left his mouth. He is now promising the American people that despite what they are seeing with his own two eyes, he is not losing his mind. Methinks Joe doth protest too much...

But don't worry about any of this. Don't worry that the Democrat leading the race is the only one who actually has a brain surgeon on speed dial. His surgeon says his brain is fully functioning. That should be good enough </sarcasm>