Amazingly, there are still some people in the mainstream media who haven't gotten the memo that it is time to put partisanship aside and work together for combat the Coronavirus.

These are the same people who accused Trump of overreacting in February only to do a 180 and accuse him of not doing enough in March…

Today, anti-Trump partisans are actually parroting the Chinese Communist Party's talking points and accusing Trump of fomenting xenophobia by calling attention to the fact that, like so many other diseases named after their countries of origin, the Chinese Coronavirus originated in Wuhan, China.

President Trump is signing executive orders that allow him to force private companies to produce life saving medical equipment and one of the first questions during his press conference came from a reporter blaming the President for - and this is a quote - "dozens of examples of bias against Chinese American in this country."

No, that is not a joke. Immediately after the President announced he was invoking unprecedented powers in the Defense Production Act, this reporter accused him of causing "dozens of examples of bias."

The real question is how many lives were lost because of the fake news media?

I don't know what that number is, but I know that it is a Non-Zero number. Organizations this powerful can't put politics ahead of public health and not have an impact.

Take this article for example: run by the New York Times on Feb 5th, the headline read, "Who says it's not safe to travel to China?"

Here's the first paragraph from this piece:

"The coronavirus outbreak seems defined by two opposing forces: the astonishing efficiency with which the travel industry connects the world and a political moment dominated by xenophobic rhetoric and the building of walls."

Instead of talking about the efficacy of controlling international travel during a pandemic, the author -- who doesn't deserve to be name-dropped -- she took a dig at Trump's affinity for wall bulding, as if the President of the United States has some fetish for Masonry and bricklaying.. 

The Left's argument was that if you avoided making contact with Asian people, or put off traveling to China, you were somehow a racist. How many people do you think went out of their way to deliberately visit China or shake people's hands just to prove they weren't racist? Sounds stupid, but white guilt to a liberal can be an incredibly motivating influence...

Considering how many Americans have now contracted the disease from people who traveled to China and brought the disease back with them, how many deaths did articles like this one?

How many people read this kind of propaganda and decided it was reasonable to still go on cruises?

That number will never be truly knowable, but it also likely isn't zero...

Even today, the fake news cares more about damaging Trump than protecting the American people.

During a conference call, President Trump told state Governors that the Federal government had their backs and would help them acquire additional medical equipment like respirators. But, Trump said, if States had their own supply channels, they should try to use those too because they might be able to get the equipment faster on their own.

Much of President Trump's Coronavirus policy has been to rip away the bureaucratic red tape preventing an efficient response. 

But instead of reporting the statement accurately, partisans in the media cut the quote in half. The NY Times ran the headline, "Trump to Governors on Respirators: Try getting it yourselves."

The insinuation is disgusting, suggesting that Trump was telling the states that they were on their own to fend for themselves.

And not surprisingly, anti-Trumpers took the bait. Their confirmation bias kicked in. Confirmation bias is when you feel so adamantly about something, you look at a particular set of facts and your brain fills in the gaps to confirm your own biases.

Within minutes of the New York Times article dropping, thousands of anti-Trump Democrats began sharing the article on social media, spreading the falsehood that Trump was leaving the states out to dry…

There was no correction offered. The NY times headline is still up there. And there is no way to truly measure how many millions of Americans were fed this bullshit (or how many believed it).

There are real world consequences for stirring up this kind of panic. Spreading half-truths dripping with partisan hatred deliberately designed to trigger readers' confirmation biases… all to generate clicks on a website and stir up political outrage.

How do you measure the consequences of this? How do you add up the bodycount attributed to these kinds of fake news stories?

President Trump has called the fake news the enemy of the American people, much to their outrage. But he was right. 

The Washington Post's new motto is "Democracy dies in darkness."

But the real question is how many Americans have died because these fake news outlets shined the light only on issues and topics that they believed were politically disadvantageous to the President.

And more importantly, what are we going to do about it?