We here at Conservative Daily firmly believe in meritocracy. Job positions should go to the best applicant available. When companies push aside qualified applicants to make diversity hires, that can only be described as racism.

When most people think of racism, they think of discriminating against someone on the basis of their race. But the fact of the matter is that showing racial favoritism qualifies as racism as well.

We have no way of knowing what the thought process was behind the film studio giving the next 007 role to Lashana Lynch, a 31-year-old African American woman. If you watched Captain Marvel, you know that Lynch did an excellent job playing fighter pilot Maria Rambeau. She is certainly an skilled actress who is starting to make a bigger name for herself in Hollywood. But the casting is still a radical departure from how the character has traditionally been cast.

Now, an important clarification. Lynch is not becoming "James Bond." Her character in the movie will simply operate under the codename "007." Daniel Craig's 'James Bond' character will still be in the movie, just not formally working under MI6 (hence the reason he isn't '007' anymore). Throughout the film series, Double-O agents have been routinely recast. For example, Agent 002 was killed in The Man with the Golden GunĀ and then another 002 agent appeared in The Living Daylights. 006, 008, and 009 have also been assigned to different characters throughout the film series, however 007 has always been assigned to James Bond.

It makes sense that MI6 would assign the codename to a new agent. This may be the result of the media coverage the casting has been getting, but I can't help but feeling like the studio cast Lynch for shock value. Though, that may just be my cynicism from how film studios have been allowing social justice warriors to make casting decisions in recent years...

The real question is whether Lashana Lynch's character will continue on as Agent 007 in future films. Daniel Craig has said for years that he despises the role and the next movie -- Bond 25 -- will be Craig's last outing as Bond. Will Lynch take over the 007 role in future outings? Or will the studios recast the James Bond character for the film franchise's next trilogy.

Every female reboot of a classic film franchise in recent years has heavily criticized and panned (see the newest version of Ghostbusters). It would be a real shame if a pursuit of social justice tanked such an historic franchise as James Bond...