Oh boy, this is a doozy.

We all know that Democrats know next-to-nothing about firearms. All of their gun control proposals are spoon fed to them by anti-gun organizations like the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence and Moms Demand Action.

Every now and then, a Democrat steps to the mic and says something horrendously stupid about firearms. Who can forget when Tucker Carlson -- then an MSNBC anchor -- asked Congresswoman Carolyn McCarthy to explain why her bill would ban guns with barrel shrouds. Not missing a beat, the Congresswoman described a barrel shroud as a "shoulder thing that goes up."

But when Joe Biden steps to the podium, you know it is just a matter of time before he says something too stupid to ignore. I'm not talking about the gaffes. Anyone can misspeak. I am talking about literal falsehoods that prove he has no idea what he is talking about.

Joe Biden has now declared that the problem facing the country is that gun owners have too many 'clips' in their gun.

BIDEN: “A lot of you know the Delmarva Peninsula, it’s all three feet above water, a lot of great fishing and hunting, duck hunting. And I walked through the estuaries, and a hunter guy said ‘Damn, Joe, what did you take my gun for?’ I said, let me ask you, those cop-killer bullets, I said, how many deer you know wearing Kevlar vests? Raise your hand. You really need one? And hell, if you need 100 clips or 30 clips in a weapons, then you shouldn’t be hunting, man! You’re dangerous! You’re dangerous. (applause) I’m not joking. You know, he’d say to me, take my shotgun. I said, I have three — now I have five, because my son died and I have three of his. That’s five shotguns, but they’re under lock and key. You leave your key in your car out here and a 14-year-old comes along, picks it up and takes it off and gets in a crash, you’re liable. Well, if you leave a weapon sitting on the table with no trigger lock on — ”

Practically all repeating firearms have what is called a "magazine." This is a container that stores ammunition and uses either gravity or spring tension to load ammunition into the rifle.

A "clip" is a thin piece of metal holds ammunition and helps people load a magazine faster. Instead of loading rounds one-by-one, clips allow shooters to load magazines all at once. Here is an example of a clip being used to load a 30-round AR-15 magazine.

But that's not what Joe Biden is saying. He is saying that Americans shouldn't be allowed to put 100 or 30 clips in their guns.

He's an idiot. But notice that the audience applauded anyway...