Last chance to Kill ObamaCare!

We are facing our LAST CHANCE to KILL OBAMACARE!

The United States Senate, late at night a couple of nights ago, voted 63-35 to end the debate and bring the funding of ObamaCare to a full Senate vote.  This vote could happen at any time!

That is why it is CRITICAL for you to fax both Senators and Representatives with our last-ditch effort to avoid socialized medicine in the United States of America!

RINOs (Republicans in Name Only) have literally betrayed the MAJORITY of Americans who are against this horrible piece of legislation.  They did not filibuster or even try to stop the onslaught of the affordable care act going through the U.S. Senate. 

Thank God for those U.S. Senators who supported Senator Rand Paul who wanted to filibuster even again; senators like:  Marco Rubio, Jim Inhofe, Mike Lee, and Ted Cruz.

The 20,000-page document of ObamaCare is riddled with economic bullet holes that will bring our great country to its knees – monetarily!

Your fax is extremely critical to STOP OBAMACARE in its tracks today!


Here is a direct quote from U.S. Senator Rand Paul on his Twitter account a week ago: “This time a week ago, I was just getting started on my 13-hour filibuster.  Are they ready for round 2?”

But most of the Republican leadership did not agree with trying to stop ObamaCare.  That’s right; many Republican legislators have literally “caved in” to the supposed “fact” that ObamaCare is now the law of the land! NO…NO…NO!

However, ObamaCare can STILL be defunded and its full execution can be HALTED!

Here is the scenario: The Continuing Resolution that funds ObamaCare must still go back to the Republican-controlled House for a final vote!!


Will you fax today?

Or do you really want to saddle your children and your grandchildren with the economy-busting expenses that ObamaCare will bring?

ObamaCare will only be funded if Republicans decide that it should be funded.  The choice is really up to you to urge them to DEFUND OBAMACARE!


If ObamaCare continues to be funded, you might as well say GOOD-BYE to your family doctor!  ObamaCare gives INCENTIVES to pay physicians to practice as “employees” rather than to own their own business.  That’s right; Americans might not have access to their family doctors because of ObamaCare.  A large percentage of doctors say they will consider shutting down their practice due to the regulations of ObamaCare.

Dr. Scott Gottlieb, who served at the Food and Drug Administration as Deputy Commissioner for Medical and Scientific Affairs, has declared: “By next year, more than 50 percent of all physicians in the country…will be working either for a hospital or a hospital and health network as a salaried employee.  So the idea of the local doctor owning their practice and practicing locally – that’s going away!”

The physician continues: “We’ve tried this before in the 1990s and it didn’t work when we tried to give hospitals incentives to buy out doctor practices, run these integrated living systems.  A few hospitals survived and thrived but most of them didn’t.  Most of them failed.  There’s this naïve notion that if you can just consolidate doctors around a hospital and it’s going to lead to improve in care and better coordination of care.  BUT THAT’S NOT WHAT’S HAPPENING!”

World-renown pediatric neurosurgeon Dr. Benjamin Carson, Johns Hopkins University, gave a stunning rebuke of ObamaCare, with President Obama only a few feet away, at the National Prayer Breakfast last month.  Then he gave a rousing speech at the Conservative Political Action Caucus a few days ago that stirred every participant.

Dr. Carson affirmed: “There are many more economic models out there that can be used to give us much better healthcare than what we have now.  If we have to work within the framework of the Affordable Care Act, fine.  IF WE CAN FIND A WAY TO DEFUND IT, FINE!

The very popular doctor added: “Healthcare is one-sixth of our economy.  If the government can control that, they can control anything.  We were asleep at the wheel to let it happen (ObamaCare).  But we still have to find a way to make it work.”  His reference to being “asleep at the wheel” really referred to President Obama using back room, Chicago-style of political arm-twisting to pass this horrific piece of legislation that will bankrupt America!

The Continuing Resolution that passed from the House to the Senate also FUNDS the full implementation of ObamaCare.  But TEN Republicans voted with Obama Democrats to betray their campaign promises, against the filibuster to halt the funding of ObamaCare.




Your faxes can literally make it happen to DEFUND ObamaCare!

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Dr. Gottlieb reminds us: “This is going to have some negative ramifications for our patients.  They aren’t going to have to have the look and feel if the local doctor’s office.  Doctors basically are just working shifts and accountability to the patient could be lost as they get handed off from shift to shift to shift.”

ObamaCare will put the United States – YOU, your family and your grandchildren---deeper and deeper in debt!  

Your future generations are depending upon you---and your faxes to our Congress!

Fax Congress NOW!



Tony Adkins