Dear Conservative,

This is, without a doubt, one of the most critical moments we have ever faced as a nation.

Republicans are playing games in Congress with Obamacare.  Members like Eric Cantor and Pete Sessions are pretending to want to de-fund Obamacare, but they are doing absolutely NOTHING to get rid of it.  Don’t fall for their silly games and shell tricks.

The answer is simple: refuse to fund Obamacare in the Continuing Resolution.  That’s it. It really is that easy.

Listen up, Congress: GROW A SPINE, stand up for your principles, and refuse to fund Obamacare.  There should be no more debate.  De-Fund it now and stop playing games with the American people.


Congress must defund this horrible legislation when they vote on the Continuing Resolution, and anyone without the guts to do it needs to be put on notice they will be leaving Washington the first chance we get to vote them out.

Do NOT let the scandal-of-the-week distract you from calling on Congress to put every effort they have behind the fight to GET RID OF OBAMACARE.  The long-term consequences of playing politics with this law and allowing such dangerous legislation to take effect is just too costly for the American people.

Obamacare is not going to make anything better…everything will get worse.  Our society will not survive the changes Obamacare will bring:

*Higher Premiums … The President promised premiums would FALL by $2,500…instead, they have gone higher by $2,200!  States like Ohio and Florida are seeing the cost of premiums go up by 35% or 41%...and you can expect those numbers to keep steady across the United States, even increasing in some areas. Obamacare is anything but affordable.

*Limited Physician Access … Doctors are already leaving their practices behind, so there will be fewer available to treat the expanding number of patients, and to top it off, the Healthcare Exchanges are limiting doctors in their networks.  So even if you are able to get in to see an actual accredited physician, he or she may not be in your network and you will be forced to pay a lot more in order to go out-of-network.

*Death Panels … Bureaucrats concerned with protecting the bottom line will decide what tests and treatment, if any, to give to those who are ailing.  Do you want unelected, unaccountable people in Washington making life and death decisions when it comes to your health?

*Funding Far Left Causes … Funding Obamacare means funding organizations like Acorn,, LaRaza, Democratic members of Congress, and other groups who will do everything in their power to see that a Democrat—likely Hillary Clinton—gets elected President in 2016.  Your tax dollars are not just funding socialized medicine; you are funding a socialist movement for America!

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*Forced Coverage for Things You Don’t Need … If you are a sixty-something female or a twenty-something male who has no need for OB-GYN services, you will still be forced to carry these premiums on your policy so you can pay for everyone who does.  Maybe you would like to opt out of mental health coverage—sorry, no chance.  The government will tell you what insurance to carry, whether you need it or not.

*Taxes, Taxes & More Taxes … Somebody has to pay for “free” healthcare for everybody in America…and that somebody is the hardworking American taxpayer.  There are 20 new, or higher, taxes in the thousands of pages of the law.  Not only will your premiums rise, you will see a host of new taxes show up to pay for all the implementation costs and healthcare costs that have to be covered. You will find no shelter; your wallet will bleed money, and you will notice that in addition to the higher taxes you pay, the cost of medical devices will rise, as well, while deductibles go even higher.


GET RID OF OBAMACARE.  WE WILL NOT accept a compromise!  This law is so wrong for America and Congress needs to do the right thing. DEFUND IT NOW.

*Job Losses … Businesses are cutting back hours so they will have fewer full-time employees and more on the part-time rolls, so they won’t have to cover health insurance.  Companies are also dumping spouse plans, making it harder and harder for the average working American to find quality, affordable health insurance.  Pretty soon everyone will be out of full-time work and will look to supplement their income with a variety of part-time positions.

*Guardians Can No Longer Serve as Paid Caregivers … Obamacare prohibits guardians from serving as paid caregivers to adults with developmental disabilities.  So, the grandmother who stays home to care for her grandchild, or the mother who cares for her disabled brother will no longer be able to provide these services and instead will have to consider foster care or even transferring legal guardianship to the state for long-term care.  All the decisions a family would make with relation to a disabled family member will now be transferred to the federal government, so they can decide the best plan of action.

*Intrusive, Unsecure Databases … Obamacare’s databases will make the NSA intrusions seem small by comparison.  Every tiny little detail of your life will be stored in what is sure to be an unsecured, hackable database.  And it’s not just the medical information you’ll need to worry about, although that in itself is private and should never be shared with anyone. Obamacare data collection will involve collecting your social security number, date of birth, lifestyle details and other information that will be a goldmine for hackers and certainly dangerous for anyone who wanted to use that information for blackmail or other purposes. Once the government compiles a file on you, any federal agency who wants it can request it and use it to monitor your choices and restrict or fine you based on how you live your life.

*The IRS Enforces It … This is one of the most disturbing things about Obamacare. Thousands of new agents have been hired to make sure all Americans comply with the law, and you better believe the corrupt IRS will make sure those who do not suffer dearly, especially conservatives who disagree with it.

The last thing this country and hard-working Americans need is another major economic uncertainly with too much risk and un-predictability!  This does not make sense and it’s not logical when other options will work better and cost less.

The law is so bad, Congress exempted themselves from it!  And they have the nerve to act as though it’s okay for THE REST OF US!  How DARE they do this to us? 

If you are like me and you are fed up with politicians giving lip service to you while using Obamacare to campaign for another term, then you need to send in your faxes RIGHT NOW to every desk on Capitol Hill and make sure they know you are paying attention and you DEMAND they de-fund Obamacare!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily