Dear Valued Patriots,

The House is moving on Obamacare! 

THIS IS AN URGENT ALERT.  State exchanges will open on October 1st, in less than two weeks.  Congress is making plans now to vote on defunding Obamacare.  There is not a minute left to waste…now is the time to stop it, once and for all.

Americans for Prosperity reports that Obamacare is “on life support.”  This is great news!  The momentum to defund and repeal it is growing because we have sent thousands of faxes to Congress expressing our disapproval and demanding they do something.  Many are listening.

We can’t stop now!  We are almost to the finish line.

Even the Democrats are distancing themselves.  The news is constantly bad. Unions are abandoning it.  Premiums are skyrocketing.  The Congressional Budget Office admits the cost of the legislation will be as much as 45% higher than previously estimated—and we both knew we couldn’t afford it to begin with!

NOW IS THE TIME TO FAX EVERY SINGLE MEMBER OF CONGRESS: TELL THEM, DEFUND OBAMACARE.  Tell them to get rid of this terrible law once and for all and put America back on the right track!

Will you accept higher premiums?  That is what you’ll get with Obamacare.

Will you accept limited access to good doctors? That is what you’ll get with Obamacare.

Will you accept Washington death panels deciding what, if any, treatment you can receive? That is what you’ll get with Obamacare.


In fact, it’s so bad, Congress is acting like an elitist ruling class and has exempted itself from it…but “folks” like you and me just have to live with it and accept what’s handed down.

GOP House Speaker just today discussed his plan to have the House pass the CR without funding Obamacare.  He finally gets it, thanks to people like you who showered his office with faxes. Show him support and fax him now and make him keep him to his word!



Exchanges open on October 1st…that is less than two weeks away!  It is still unworkable, expensive and not ready for prime-time.  This is not about shutting down the government – it is about not funding something THAT WILL destroy the system while not being sustainable.

The only people talking about shutting down the government are the Democrats and President Obama. 

Taxpayers do not want to hold up the government - they just don’t want to fund an unworkable program that will break the system.

A visit to the doctor—if you can get in to see one—is now going to consist more of an interrogation than a visit to a care-giver.  The doctor will be responsible for getting information about whether you own guns, what kind of sex partners you have, or if you are depressed. 

This information is confidential and is supposed to be protected, between you and your doctor.  No more.  Your answers will be uploaded into a database and various agencies will be able to comb through the intimate details of your life, putting together a Big Brother narrative that will follow you wherever you go.  Government agencies will have the power to tap into at a moment’s notice.

Harry Reid already said that Obamacare is just a stepping stone to an eventual single-payer system run by the government.  One look at the news tells you this is likely to happen: doctors are leaving their practices are hospitals are consolidating or closing their doors.  It was the plan all along.  That is what was IN IT when Nancy Pelosi was wielding her large gavel and laughing at how we were about to find out!

Obamacare won’t work, it will collapse and Obama and his cronies get their single-payer healthcare.

Medical greatness and innovation will cease to exist in the United States of America, courtesy of Mr. Obama!

This is the future of healthcare in America if we don’t continue to say NO!

Will you accept sending your tax dollars to far Left organizations that will turn around and elect the next Democrat to the White House?  That is what you’ll get with Obamacare.

Will you accept 20 new or higher taxes to pay for “healthcare for all?”  That is what you’ll get with Obamacare.

Will you accept the massive job losses coming our way because businesses are closing or cutting back to part-time hours in order to avoid problems with the new law?  That is what you’ll get with Obamacare.

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Do NOT let the scandal-of-the-week distract you from calling on Congress to put every effort they have behind the fight to GET RID OF OBAMACARE.  The long-term consequences of playing politics with this law and allowing such dangerous legislation to take effect are just too costly for the American people.

Now is not the time to stop our efforts.  

These last weeks of September are critical if we want to see real and meaningful action in Congress on the subject of Obamacare. They cannot run from this responsibility any longer.

Will you accept a massive government database with your life spelled out within it?  That is what you’ll get with Obamacare.

Will you accept the corrupt Internal Revenue Service as the enforcer?  The IRS has access to all your intimate, personal medical data and enforcing insurance?  That is what you’ll get with Obamacare.

Are you ready to fight? This disaster must end.  When I say Congress must grow a spine, it’s because that is the word on the street!  People are saying get rid of the Pelosi/Reid/Obama folly!

Tell Congress to defund, delay and repeal Obamacare or get out of office!


Joe Otto