YOUR URGENT ATTENTION IS NEEDED: House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA) has announced that a vote to repeal Obamacare will occur in the House next week.

The momentum toward repeal continues. Fax every single Member of Congress right now and tell them to vote for full repeal of Obama’s disastrous “Affordable” Health Care Act!

Fax Congress Now!

THE BAD NEWS ABOUT OBAMACARE IS EVERYWHERE, and even Democrats are abandoning it. Your taxes and premiums are going up, your deductions are going down, and healthcare workers are fleeing the field like there is a fire.

We are consistently knocking on Congress’ door and telling them they need to repeal it. And many of them, even Democrats, are listening.

Cantor’s plan for a repeal vote may be self-serving; he has a “Helping Sick Americans Act Now” that he wants passed, so he is hoping that by scheduling an Obamacare repeal he can secure enough votes for his agenda.

It really doesn’t matter. Congress is going to continue to play games with legislation through eternity, until we can force them to change. Right now, our priorities must be stopping devastating changes from hitting America, and Obamacare is one of the worst.

So if Rep. Cantor wants to play games with votes and legislation, let him, but the bottom line remains: Obamacare is coming up for a repeal vote, and we must encourage everyone to vote “yes” to get rid of it!

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Obamacare is terrible for America. Members of Congress must be put on notice: Obamacare is terrible for America, we are committed to fighting it, and we will hold them accountable for their actions relating to it.

It is important to keep pressure on Congress to repeal this thing, especially as Members up for re-election next year turn their attention to voter sentiment. And now freshmen Members will have a chance to weigh in on it and let the voters know where they stand.

This is an important vote and Congress needs to be flooded with faxes telling them we support repeal.

Fax Congress Now!

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Tony Adkins

Conservative Daily