Dream 9 (named after the Dream Act), activists marching in their high school caps and gowns to protest.

Full-Blown Amnesty Still “Outside” the Law

Dear Thinking Conservative Friend,

While Congress has been on vacation back in their home districts during the month of August, they have received an “earful” from constituents at various Town-hall meetings.  The overwhelming response at these meetings: “DON’T CAVE IN TO TOTAL AMNESTY!”

Immigration advocates are “circling the wagons” to try to coax Republicans in the House to pass an all-inclusive overhaul of immigration reform!

The Senate “Gang of 8” has now been accompanied by the “Dream 9” activists!

These “Dream 9” immigration activists put their life on the line when they entered Mexico and systematically, tried to cross the border back into the United States.  Their bid was to win “asylum” in the United States of America.  Their well-orchestrated media attention drew good and bad, both from the left and the right. 

However, last week, these nine activists were released on parole.  This allows them to return to their United States communities until they get the chance to argue for asylum before an immigration judge.  These nine students were transferred by bus from the Eloy Detention Center in south-central Arizona to Tucson, where cheers from immigration rights activists greeted them.  HOWEVER, what they did was “OUTSIDE THE LAW!”

Since then, a Local Fox station in San Diego reported a loophole that is allowing hundreds of immigrants across the Mexico border in to the United States. The immigrants are being taught to use key words and phrases and Border Patrol agents say about 500 people came through recently claiming a "credible fear" of drug cartels.

They had to close down the processing center! They moved the overflow by vans to another station. Pete Nunez, former U.S. Attorney and immigration expert says, "This will swamp the system."  You’ve got it:  Illegal immigrants are being taught to use key words and phrases to our border officials!  And it seems to be working.

But this is seen as merely a “decoy” from what is facing Congress, even though they are on vacation during August.  When they return, immigration reform will be staring them right in their faces and the pressure is full contact from the left.

Urge Congress to make BORDER SECURITY a top priority and to EXTERMINATE BLANKET AMNESTY!  U.S. jobs are at stake!

You must FAX your Congressman TODAY to let them know how you feel about immigration reform!

These nine students, the Dream 9 have their cases before an immigration judge, who will decide whether or not to grant asylum.  With the media coverage, their asylum will probably be granted.  But experts say that this process could conceivably take YEARS

These nine were brought to the United States ILLEGALLY as children.  Their staged, risky protest at the border has spotlighted the thousands of people who have been deported under the Obama administration.  On July 22, the “Dream 9” attempted to re-enter the United States at the port of entry in Nogales, Arizona.  They were immediately arrested.  They have been in federal custody until this past week

The Los Angeles Times reports: “On Tuesday, immigration asylum officers found that all nine had credible fear of persecution or torture in their birth country and could therefore not be immediately removed.”  NOW, others are using their technique to “BREAK THE RULES” by using certain “asylum-seeking” phrases that apparently work with our border guards!!

National Public Radio describes: “For fiscal year 2012, for example, the Justice Department reports that it received 9,206 requests for asylum from Mexican nationals.  Immigration judges granted only 126 of them.”

But the Dream 9 is only a stunt to call attention to immigration reform.  More serious talks are being held behind closed doors amongst House Republicans; even though they are on “vacation.”

ABC states: “The stunt (The Dream 9) comes as Congress is embarking on its first serious attempt to pass comprehensive immigration reform in years.  While a bill passed the Senate in June, that bill has been called dead on arrival by House members, including Illinois Republican and Chief Deputy Whip Peter Roskam. Who wants to separate border security from the issue of legalization?”

“Just this past Friday, President Obama said that the votes to get the Senate bill passed in the House are there if only Republican leaders would bring it up for a vote.  He called on congressmen to move on it after they return from summer recess next month.”


However, their risky behavior has “kick-started” IMMIGRATION ACTIVISM to another level…just in time for the return of Congressmen who have already heard an “earful” back home.

This will be one of those actions that will be remembered!  Their plight has advanced the immigration reform movement,” claims Jorge-Mario Cabrera, a spokesman for the Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights of Lose Angeles.

In fact, that is the goal of the Dream 9 students – to call for a humane immigration policy.  But their actions are still ILLEGAL!

This serves as an outright distraction from the meat of the immigration final debate that will happen in a couple of weeks in the House. 

House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH), refuses to take up the “Gang of 8” bill.  He insists on the House to consider immigration in smaller pieces over the coming months.

Even U.S. Senator Charles Schumer (D-NY), a boisterous member of the Gang of 8, is supposedly agreeable to that: “We would much prefer a big comprehensive bill, but any way that the House can get there is okay by us.  I actually am optimistic that we will get this done.  A couple of their pieces are very similar to our bill!”  In referring to the “bite-size” immigration pieces taken up by the House, Senator Schumer scoffs: “They’ll all get agglomerated as we go to conference at some point!”

The two parts of the immigration bill that stand as stumbling blocks to the House cooperation are:

(1)  A “pathway to citizenship” for 11,000,000,000 illegal immigrants already in the United States, and 

(2)  A real need for government compliance to SECURE THE BORDER!

U.S. Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX), a hero of the Tea Party, tells his concerns: “Federal statute has required since 2006 the construction of 700 miles of double fencing, and the federal government simply has NOT complied!  They’ve constructed about 36 miles.  And the amendment that was touted as a border security amendment weakens the requirement of federal law, and just like the prior requirement, we can expect with considerable certainty that it will be disregarded as well.

“I think support is falling away from the Gang of 8.  People are insisting that we actually fix the problem.  Secure the borders first.  Don’t go down the road of legalization first and never securing the borders.”

You must FAX your Congressman TODAY to let them know how you feel about immigration reform!  Border security FIRST!  NO “Blanket” Amnesty for illegals!

UPI quotes House Judiciary Chairman Bob Goodlatte (R-VA) where he “has floated an idea he says would rely partly on existing law to let many immigrants living illegally in the country gain citizenship.  Goddlatte’s idea would have Congress grant the immigrants a provisional legal status, like the Senate passed.  But then the immigrants would use existing laws that let foreigners legally in the country seek green cards, or permanent legal residency.  All of those are ways they could then eventually find themselves permanent residents and, ultimately, citizens, but none of those would be special ways that have been made available only to people who have come here illegally.”

At any cost, border security still is of utmost importance---FIRST!

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Many Congressmen are hearing about immigration reform in their various town-hall meetings.  Sometimes the pressure back home is forcing lawmakers to take a stand on immigration reform.

For instance, the Washington Times tells about one congressman, Rep. Frank R. Wolf (R-VA): “Five dozen immigration rights activists picketed outside Rep. Frank R. Wolf’s Herndon office Wednesday, demanding he vote for a bill that would extend citizenship rights to 11 million illegal immigrants – a scene that is being repeated outside countless Republican congressional district offices this summer. 

But Congressman Wolf continues to stick to his core beliefs.  He stresses: “If there’s amnesty leading to citizenship, I’m going to vote against it again!  I will not be intimidated into voting against my principles.”

We must notify Congress of two items in relationship to Immigration Reform:


2. There cannot be “BLANKET” AMNESTY without any justification!

However, all-in-all, it appears that the GOP is ready to cave to amnesty.  That’s why your fax is so CRITICALLY IMPORTANT!  Today!  Now!

As a law-abiding citizen, YOU follow the rules or the “law of the land.”  You even pay taxes.  But these “Dream 9” type of illegals are going around the law and are literally training others to BREAK OUR RULES!  This must be stopped!  Please fax your Congress today!

YOUR fax is urgently needed…RIGHT NOW!!

FAX your Congressman TODAY to let them know how you feel about immigration reform!


Tony Adkins


P. S.  One group believes in a “novel” idea of making a “Pathway to Legalization” instead of a “Pathway to Citizenship.”  That would take the conservative “monkey” off legislators’ backs who are facing voters soon.  They would not be seen as supporting total amnesty, yet would still appeal to Latino voters in helping to legalize illegal immigrants.