Dear Conservative Patriot,

DEMAND more of our so-called leadership in Congress! We sent them to Washington in the Fall of 2012 on a promise, that they would defund and repeal Obamacare; but these guys couldn’t lead us down a lighted runway in broad daylight. They have failed us at every turn!

If you do not Fax Congress right now, American society as you know it will come to an END!  SPEAK UP LOUDLY AND CLEARLY RIGHT NOW AND DEMAND CONGRESS DE-FUND AND ULTIMATELY REPEAL OBAMACARE! Many in Congress are listening…put pressure on them to stand up for their principles and get rid of this terrible legislation!

Obama is a clever, clever man, and an arrogant one, too. The second he took office he began nationalizing everything, and it started with this neat little Affordable Healthcare Act that took over one-sixth of our economy.

$12.5 billion is earmarked for the “Prevention and Public Health Fund” over the next decade. There is NO Congressional oversight for this fund and it NEVER EXPIRES. It can be spent by the HHS any way it sees fit. That means this money is going to be diverted to Democrat-heavy organizations that will then donate to the 2016 presidential campaign! Hello, President Hillary Clinton!

Obama also famously noted that HE doesn’t NEED Obamacare, because he already has great health insurance. Then, he grants exemptions for certain groups and hands out entitlements for people who don’t even have to prove they are eligible. But, Obamacare is great for the rest of YOU FOLKS.

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You may think you are safe right now, but you aren’t. Whatever industry you work in, Obama is coming for it. You may be the next one kicked out of a job because of the high costs of Obamacare.

I sincerely hope you have not given up on getting rid of Obamacare. DO NOT ACCEPT a plan that will destroy the quality of healthcare in America, kill businesses, and increase unemployment. DO NOT ACCEPT the fact that in a few years, all of us will be unemployed, homeless, and praying we can get in to see some mediocre doctor or physician’s assistant to treat us or a family member. DO NOT ACCEPT that we will have to fight to save a loved one because the State has not deemed her life “useful” enough.

The side effects of Obamacare are DEATH: DEATH to jobs, DEATH to quality healthcare, DEATH to income, DEATH to individual rights.

Unless you are prepared to accept Obamacare, raise your voices in unison right now and tell Congress to END OBAMACARE right now by voting to de-fund it!

iamotherI don’t know about you, but I don’t want to spend my hard-earned money paying for someone else’s healthcare. I don’t want to pay higher premiums for lower quality care. I don’t want to see the complete destruction of our economy because of massive layoffs.

But, if you don’t speak up, you had better be prepared to accept that your hard-earned money does not belong to you—it belongs to Barack Obama and his huge, socialist government. He is spending $700 MILLION to campaign for Obamacare, spending the money we make to sell us on a program that we hate and that will put us out of business!

They are also using YOUR MONEY to enroll millions of people into the healthcare exchanges that are critical to the success of Obamacare.

YOU ARE FUNDING OBAMACARE by paying for other people’s insurance premiums, you are paying for the OBAMACARE PROPAGANDA the government is rolling out, and you are paying for EDUCATION AND ENROLLMENT that will keep Obamacare alive.

YOU are paying for the 16 percent of Americans who aren’t insured, many of whom don’t want to be, don’t need to be, or are illegal.


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THIS IS ALSO THE END OF MEDICAL PRIVACY. Mark my words: If you have depression, erectile dysfunction, migraines, cancer, genital warts or insomnia—whatever illness or condition—the government will know all about it. This most private information will be stored FOR ETERNITY in a government database accessible to anyone who asks for it, and you better believe it won’t be kept secret and it will not be safe from hackers. You’ve seen the government’s track record when it comes to keeping data under wraps. Bureaucrats across various branches of government will be able to see what you saw a doctor for, and when.

From the Weekly Standard: “The system … would leave members of the public open to identity theft, lost periods of health insurance coverage, and exposure of address for victims of domestic abuse and others.”

Read these headlines and YOU DECIDE if this is what you want for your family, your children, and your country:

Obamacare to Inflict on public most widespread violation of Privacy Act in history...

Obamacare will 'Kill Off' Small Business…

States Cutting Employee Hours to Avoid Obamacare Costs…

Top Democrat Warns Obamacare is Train Wreck…

Uncertainty Driving Up Premiums…

Obamacare Killing Jobs, Crippling Wealth Creation…


Tell Congress they better start listening, or they will be out of a job the first chance we get. DEMAND the de-funding and repeal of Obamacare. Send thousands and thousands of faxes until they get the message that we will no longer be distracted and we expect Obamacare to die!

When Obamacare was first passed, 74 percent of Democrats supported it. THAT NUMBER IS NOW DOWN TO 46 PERCENT.

Unions don’t like it. Moderate Democrats are abandoning it. Principled Republicans are holding firm that it must be repealed. But, we have opposition. Senator Mike Lee (R-UT) put out a letter asking Republicans to vote to de-fund Obamacare, and Mitch McConnell told him to BACK OFF. This is the same Mitch McConnell who famously posted a picture of the reams and reams of Obamacare regulations that arrived in his office.


DEMAND REPEAL. The momentum is on our side. Obamacare is bad for America in every single way, and if it hasn’t already impacted your life in a negative way already, it’s going to. SOON.

This is our NEW AMERICAN REVOLUTION and your voice needs to scream down every Congressional office in Washington to DE-FUND AND REPEAL OBAMACARE. Stop being distracted by the scandal du jour and tell your representative to stand strong for individual liberty and get serious about ending Obamacare.


Tony Adkins

Conservative Daily