Fellow Conservative,

This one is official.

Members of Congress in both parties are gearing up to pass a new and increased gasoline tax. Of course, this comes just as gasoline prices are starting to become affordable again.

Here’s the truth: For the second time in two years, Democrats are introducing a bill to DOUBLE the gasoline tax. Right now, there are 18.4¢ of Federal taxes in just ONE gallon of gasoline. Under this new legislation, that would nearly double to over 30¢/gallon.

And that is just Federal taxes. Every time you fill up, you also pay a few cents to State and Local governments. If the feds increase their gas tax, you can expect states and localities to do the same.

I don’t know how many gallons are in your car or truck. But I know that if you drive a Ford F150 pickup truck with the largest gas tank available, you’ll be paying somewhere around $8.35 in taxes whenever you full the tank!

This might not seem like all that much, but consider how many times you pull into a gas station in a given year. Yea, it really adds up…

Neither the GOP nor the Democrats can be allowed to increase the gasoline tax!

Tell Congress to STOP this push to increase the gas tax! The American people and economy simply can’t afford it!

I understand that we need money for infrastructure, but Congress is going to have to find another way.

For the first time in what seems like forever, Americans can actually afford to take road trips. They can afford to go on vacation or drive to see family members.

Raising the gasoline tax will change all that.

Because as cheap as gasoline may be now, it will go up… We’ll be back close to $3.00/gallon probably by Summer time. Except it won’t be $3.00 a gallon when you pull into the station if this new gas tax passes. Instead, it will be somewhere around $3.20 thanks to the tax increases.


You’re probably saying, “What difference does 20¢ make?" Well, if you buy one gallon of gas at a time, not a whole lot. But it adds up.

And when you factor in the 18-wheelers that are transporting goods to market, which have gas tanks holding two hundred gallons of gasoline, then you understand how this gas tax will increase the price of EVERYTHING bought and sold in this country.

Obama and the Democrats also want to open up the interstate highway system and start making them toll roads. I warned you about this last year, but the plan is slowly (and quietly) moving forward.

The maximum toll to cross the George Washington Bridge from New Jersey into New York is $102. This is the maximum charge for a large truck traveling during peak times. That comes out to a little more than 2 cents to travel EACH of the bridge's 4,757 feet.

This is what Obama wants for the rest of the country. He wants to tax you when you fill up and he wants to tax you by the mile!

The Democrats are already introducing the legislation and the Republican in charge of the killing this bill in committee, Senator John Thune (R-SD), admitted that the gasoline tax was “still on the table.”

When will it stop? When will Republicans and Democrats learn that they can’t keep reaching into YOUR pockets when they misallocate tax dollars?

I’ll tell you when it stops… It stops when you put your foot down and say NOT. ONE. PENNY. MORE.

That’s what I’m asking you to do today. They’re gearing up to pass this gasoline tax and building new toll roads will follow close behind.

But you can put a stop to this! They fear you and if you raise your voice in opposition to a gas tax hike, they will listen. Because they are TERRIFIED of losing re-election...

Tell Congress NO more gas tax hikes and NO new tolls on interstate highways!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily