Dear Conservative Friend,

We have been misled by Speaker of the House John Boehner once again; and this time, THIS IS THE FINAL STRAW!

He must be replaced!

Emails from John Boehner to Senate Leader Harry Reid were revealed this week which exposes John Boehner for exactly what he is – A TOTAL SHAM!

In reference to the government shutdown, it looks like John Boehner and Harry Reid are not only deadly enemies, but would never talk to each other, creating “political deadlock” in the United States of America.

However, secret emails have surfaced which puts them both in collusion over saving certain Obamacare “exemptions” for Members of Congress and their staff.

Publicly, THIS WEEK, John Boehner, like a supposed “knight in shining armor,” boasted: “Get rid of the exemption for Members of Congress.  It’s a matter of fairness for all Americans!”

But leaked emails tell a completely different story; and we must DEMAND John Boehner RESIGN or be FIRED as Speaker of the House.  He is an outright liar!  I know this sounds strong, but please read on for the facts---

Not only is John Boehner not a Conservative (surprise!), but he has misled us into thinking he was against these subsidies---“to be fair to all Americans.”

When, in fact, John Boehner and Harry Reid conspired together to uphold these subsidies IN SECRET!

Secretly, particularly from February to July of this year, John Boehner, working hand-in-glove with Senate Leader Harry Reid, fought hard to save certain health insurance subsidies for federal employees under Obamacare.

Selective emails were leaked THIS WEEK between Chiefs of Staff for both Boehner and Reid.  These emails are very damaging politically, especially for the Speaker.

John Boehner's secret revelations have made him a target for RESIGNATION or to be FIRED as Speaker of the House.  Fax Congress today!

Through their “lieutenants,” both Boehner and Reid impressed upon President Obama to grant the healthcare subsidies for members of Congress and their staff.

In July of this year, Mike Sommers, John Boehner’s Chief of Staff, went through David Krone, Harry Reid’s Chief of Staff, to attempt to set up a meeting with President Obama to make sure the subsidies continued.

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The meetings were to be in secret, with a totally different “cover story” as to why the meetings took place.

Despite the email revelations this week, Michael Steel, Boehner’s spokesman, blamed Harry Reid’s staff of “selectively leaking emails.”  Steel back-pedaled: “The Speaker’s position is clear: He voted against Obamacare, and he wants to repeal Obamacare.”

But, the secret emails were already made public.  “The deed was done!”

Various people began to call for John Boehner’s resignation.


Since he outright lied about the subsidies, Glenn Beck has started a major campaign to make sure that Boehner is GONE. According to Beck: “I will work tirelessly to see you [John Boehner] are removed from Congress!”

Mr. Speaker:  You cannot have your cake; and eat it too!

You cannot say one thing; then actively seek to do the other.

John Boehner has lied and let down Republicans, via his secret plans for subsidies. Quite frankly, he has let down all Americans.  And he must GO!!

As we have seen this past week, House Speaker John Boehner publicly derided the special Obamacare “Exemption,” while secretly, he backed the subsidy.

Please fax Congress today!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily