In one week alone, Obamacare champions Sen. Jay Rockefeller (D-W.V.) and Cheerleader-In-Chief Kathleen Sebelius, Health & Human Services Secretary, have described Obamacare as:




“Beyond comprehension”

Remember, folks: these are the people who claim its GOOD IDEA for America! And Sebelius is even going so far as to blame the GOP for it. Many of them share equal blame with the Democrats for Obamacare still being around, as they haven’t done a thing to get rid of it. But the meat and bones of this terrible legislation still very much belong to the Democrats, who shoved it through four years ago without caring about the consequences we are now starting to see.

Fax Congress Now!

Wow, guess what? It is going to be WAY more expensive than we were led to believe. The Hill reports:

“Setting up insurance exchanges is costing the Health and Human Services Department a whole lot more than it originally expected. According to budget documents released Wednesday, the department expects to spend $4.4 billion on exchange grants to the states by the end of this year — double its estimates a year ago.

The HHS is also asking Congress for another $1.5 billion to set up a federal exchange in 26 states. The department has cobbled together money from other programs to get started, but officials said they need another $800 million for operational costs and $550 million for outreach and education.”

Many States, including Missouri, Oklahoma, Texas and Wyoming, have told the federal government they would not be enforcing new Obamacare rules. But they have been put on notice that Obama’s agents will come in on a “collaborative enforcement arrangement” and make sure they do.

Obama is using the heavy hand of the feds to ignore the wishes of the American people. Every day we see more reasons why it should be repealed, and more Democrats jump on record to stop some of its provisions or criticize it outright.

Why, exactly, is this legislation still in place if nearly everyone—including Democrats who crafted it and voted for it—believes it is a bad idea?

Fax Congress Now!

Your taxes and premiums are going up, your deductions are going down, and healthcare workers are fleeing the field like there is a fire. Now is the time to let every single Member of Congress know that we are serious about repealing Obamacare, and they need to get on board with the wishes of American citizens. We must also let them know we will not stand for the President of the United States completely ignoring our constitutional rights.

Obamacare may ultimately be overturned in the courts, but right now we need to persuade Congress to cut off funds to it and stop the disastrous consequences.

Fax Congress Now!

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Tony Adkins

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