Dear Conservative,

Barack Obama is at it again. He has asked Congress to cut the military spending, pay, and benefits, all in the name of “austerity.”

He must think you are an idiot. Here the President is talking about how America needs to “cut back,” when in reality, the military is the only thing Obama wants to cut! Obama doesn’t know the definition of “austerity.” He has doubled the deficit and doubled our national debt, all while spending more than any other President in history.

The Obama administration has released its budget proposal and, like always, it is a slap in the face to anyone who has served in our military and everyone who has family members serving!

Tell Congress that cutting the military to pay for Barack Obama’s liberal domestic spending plans is UNACCEPTABLE!

Here at Conservative Daily, we get a lot of e-mails from people trying to argue with us. When they aren’t hurling obscenities at us, these liberal e-mailers usually continue to try to blame George W. Bush for all of our country’s problems.

When liberals aren’t blaming Conservative Obstructionism for all of the country’s problems, they are blaming Conservative Rule and the George W. Bush Presidency. There is certainly enough to criticize about Bush’s spending habits, but there is one important thing to remember…

In 8-years, George W. Bush increased our marketable debt by 93%. This, mind you, was the result of fighting two land wars in the Middle East. Remember what Barack Obama had to say about this out-of-control spending? He said it was “unpatriotic” to spend money on programs and policies we cannot afford.

Barack Obama has been in office for 5-years. He has withdrawn from Iraq and is preparing to end the war in Afghanistan. In these past 5 years, Barack Hussein Obama has increased our marketable debt by 106%! Not only has Obama added more to the debt that Bush, but he did it faster and he did it while cutting back our military spending!

Currently, the U.S. Army has approximately 520,000 soldiers. Obama’s new budget calls for that number to be slashed to 450,000 (a decrease of 13%) and for vital troop support platforms to be cut as well.

First of all, it is an abomination that the Commander-in-Chief would willingly cut our number of soldiers by 13%. I thought the goal was to create more jobs, not to add 70,000 people to the unemployment rolls… These men and women dedicated their lives to serving this country, and Barack Obama plans to end their careers all in an attempt to be able to fund his liberal domestic spending!

Second of all, Barack Obama isn’t cutting our troop numbers in order to save us money (as he suggests). He is doing it so he can spend the money saved on other projects. The military is struggling to find a way to cut $75 over 2 years while Obama can’t even wait to spend that savings. He has announced a $300 Billion program to overhaul our nation’s infrastructure. This is just another “stimulus program,” yet Obama is wise enough not to call it that for fear of reminding Americans that previous attempts to “stimulate” the economy through infrastructure spending was a complete failure.

Lastly, these cuts reduce our military effectiveness and readiness, while also showing weakness to our adversaries. The threats we face around the world are becoming more complex, and Obama’s proposed military cuts make us weaker and hurt our national security. Sure, there are instances where technology can make ground forces obsolete. But, the administration’s plan to scrap the Air Force’s A-10 Warthog close-support fighter proves that not only is the Pentagon planning to decrease the number of soldiers in the field, but it also plans to decrease the support it gives to them! This is the plane that provides air support to our soldiers when they are pinned down in the field. The A-10 is able to fly slower and at lower altitudes than other jet aircraft, making it especially useful in protecting our men and women on the ground who are pinned down.  Yet, the administration wants to cut this aircraft and put our soldiers at risk. All of this is in an attempt to save money so that Barry Soetoro (aka Barack Hussein Obama) can go on his liberal domestic spending spree…

Tell Congress that cutting the military to pay for Barack Obama’s liberal spending plans is UNACCEPTABLE!

I want to preface this by saying that we, as a nation, should always be hesitant when choosing whether to use our military abroad. In many cases, restraint and nonintervention is the optimal course of action. But, this is ultimately a decision that is up to our politicians and military leaders. By cutting our military, Barack Obama will take military action off of the table in many cases.

I agree that we should show restraint in exercising our military might. But, just because we shouldn’t go into every conflict doesn’t mean that we should tie our hands to the point where we can’t become involved in any conflict.

Look at what is going on in the Ukraine. Overnight, pro-Russian separatists seized government buildings in eastern Ukraine and raised the Russian flag above them. The Russian military is performing “military drills” dangerously close to Ukraine, further stoking tensions and suggesting that Russia might intervene militarily.

Should we get involved in Ukrainian politics and start World War III in the process? No.

Should we be able to just in case intervention becomes unavoidable and absolutely necessary? Yes.

All around the world, countries are challenging our hegemony and daring us to act. Countries like Russia and China see Barack Obama proposing to decrease the size of our military and they view this as an opportunity to expand their sphere of influence.

Our military’s decline isn’t by accident. It is by Barack Obama’s design and the cuts are deliberate.

How about instead of cutting the A-10 ‘Warthog’ in order to save $3.5 Billion over 5 years and putting our troops at risk, why don’t we cut the “Obamaphone” program and save American taxpayers $2.1 Billion EVERY year?

How about instead of scaling back the number of active duty military personnel in order to save some money, why don’t we close the child tax credit loophole abused by illegal immigrants to steal $4.2 Billion from the American people every year?

Tell Congress that cutting the military to pay for Barack Obama’s liberal spending plans is UNACCEPTABLE!

Why not? Well, because Barack Hussein Obama and the Democrats are in the business of buying votes! Every “Obamaphone” handed out buys the Democrats another vote (even though the program originally started under Ronald Reagan). It is in the Democrats’ interest to allow illegal aliens to use tax loopholes to defraud the American people. Yet, when it comes to maintaining our military and supporting our troops in the field, Obama shows absolutely no interest.

We must stop Congress from approving this dangerous and fiscally irresponsible budget! We took back the House of Representatives in order to stop Barack Obama’s out-of-control domestic spending, yet Congress doesn’t seem to have gotten that memo! This isn’t austerity, as the President claims. This is just a liberal attempt to transfer funding from the military to the President’s liberal domestic agenda!

If you believe that we should maintain our military readiness and refuse to sacrifice our national security to fund Obama’s liberal spending plan, then you must urge Congress to strike down the President’s budget!

Tell Congress that cutting the military to pay for Barack Obama’s liberal spending plans is UNACCEPTABLE!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily