"This is the last opportunity we’re going to have to stop Obamacare before the January 1 deadline so we have to refuse to fund it now." — Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT)

"We can de-fund Obamacare if Republican leaders who tell their constituents they’re conservative stand up and act like they’re conservative." — Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX)

Dear Conservative Patriot,

Poor. Needy. Dying to get in to see a doctor. This is America’s future. Every day, there is another story published about how Obamacare is destroying our healthcare system. We’ve told you how doctors and hospitals are closing their doors … workers are being dropped to part-time hours, or let go altogether … employers are ending coverage … unions hate it and are fighting back against the very law they pushed for … Democrats who championed it admit they don’t know how in the world they are going to manage it … the scandal-ridden IRS is smack dab in the middle of enforcing it … premiums are going up … on and on it goes.

But the news gets most ridiculous when the reports contradict everything the Democrats told us about Obamacare when they were claiming it was the greatest thing on earth.

Consider they told us we could keep our doctor if we wanted to. Obama was on television every day giving us some version of this story. AND IT WAS A LIE. The Obamacare website NOW states you MAY be able to keep your doctor. May be able to…not, “WILL be able to.”

And remember, Sarah Palin and others warned about “death panels” and rationed care based on cost. Democrats screamed that was “the biggest lie of the year.”

Interesting, since Howard Dean just penned an op-ed for the Wall Street Journal that says:

One major problem is the so-called Independent Payment Advisory Board. The IPAB is essentially a health-care rationing body. By setting doctor reimbursement rates for Medicare and determining which procedures and drugs will be covered and at what price, the IPAB will be able to stop certain treatments its members do not favor by simply setting rates to levels where no doctor or hospital will perform them.

Kill Obamacare now. Speaker John Boehner is telling the press he hasn’t made a decision yet on what to do about funding Obamacare.

Hasn’t made a decision yet?

You may not have made YOUR DECISION, Mr. Speaker, but We, the People have made ours: DE-FUND AND REPEAL THE MONSTROSITY KNOWN AS OBAMACARE RIGHT NOW or consider yourself unemployed!

On October 1st every American citizen will be required to enroll in Obamacare UNLESS CONGRESS DOES SOMETHING ABOUT IT NOW, WHILE THEY STILL CAN. I’m not willing to let Congress off the hook. They can’t continue to tell us they want Obamacare gone and then act as though there is nothing they can do about it. All they have to do is grow a spine and refuse to fund it. That’s all.

But the whiny Republicans in Congress right now (save for a few of them) don’t want to make the Democrats mad. I guess We, the People—their constituents—don’t mean as much to them as the socialist, short-sighted peddlers that brought us Obamacare in the first place.

And as much as Republicans whine about it and do nothing, Democrats who voted for Obamacare are whining about not wanting to PAY FOR IT. Rep. John Larson (D-CT), who voted for the health care law, said making the law apply to elected officials and their staffers was “simply unfair.” Oh but again—it’s okay for YOU PEOPLE!

So the White House struck a compromise…Members of Congress and their staff don’t have to pay rising premium costs…YOU AND I WILL DO IT FOR THEM through our hard earned money - taxes.

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When people held up signs that said, “Now my doctor’s office is going to be like the DMV,” it wasn’t a joke. There WILL be longer waiting lines and there WILL be lower quality of care, because doctors and hospitals are closing their practices or retiring in order to get away from Obamacare! And THEY will decide whether or not you or your family member is WORTHY of treatment.

And success? Hard work? Forget about that. Obamacare actually PENALIZES you for doing well at your job and making more money. That raise you worked hard for may price you out of the Obamacare exchange and actually COST you money. Therefore, it pays not to work hard…it pays to be mediocre and not do well enough to make more money!

And why do you think we have the largest part-time workforce at this moment! Hello…Obamacare caused that! Socialism is here, at its finest!

DO NOT ACCEPT a plan that will destroy the quality of healthcare in America, kill businesses, and increase unemployment. DO NOT ACCEPT the fact that in a few years, many of us will be unemployed and praying we can get in to see some mediocre doctor or physician’s assistant to treat us or a family member. DO NOT ACCEPT that we will have to fight to save a loved one because the State has not deemed their life “useful” enough at a certain age.

DO NOT ACCEPT OBAMACARE! The White House and Members of Congress have EXEMPTED themselves from it, and IRS Chief IRS chief Danny Werfel says he doesn’t have any intention of switching over! If it’s not good enough for them, why is it good enough for YOU??


If you do not Fax Congress right now, American society as you know it will come to an END!  SPEAK UP LOUDLY AND CLEARLY RIGHT NOW AND DEMAND CONGRESS DE-FUND AND ULTIMATELY REPEAL OBAMACARE! Many in Congress are listening…put pressure on them to stand up for their principles and get rid of this terrible legislation!

Obama is granting waivers for his friends and rolling out million-dollar propaganda campaigns WITH YOUR MONEY in order to sell it to you!

And here is a neat little tidbit we discovered: Through his $12.5 billion “Prevention and Public Health Fund,” YOU are FUNDING THE ELECTION COFFERS OF THE NEXT DEMOCRATIC NOMINEE FOR PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES.

This is a side fund of Obamacare with NO Congressional oversight and it NEVER EXPIRES. It can be spent by the HHS any way it sees fit. That means this money is going to be diverted to Democrat-heavy organizations that will then donate to the 2016 presidential campaign! Hello, President Hillary Clinton!

OBAMACARE IS HERE RIGHT NOW unless we demand they get rid of it. When Congress goes to vote on their continuing resolution, we want to make sure they don’t send ONE PENNY to Obamacare.

Once this train starts rolling, it will be increasingly difficult to get off.

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THIS IS END OF MEDICAL PRIVACY. Whatever you see a doctor for will be stored for eternity in a giant government database accessible to anyone who asks for it. This will be a goldmine for hackers.

Just the paperwork required to sign up reads like an interrogation of your life and everything that happens in it. Reports say a typical family of four must answer about 1,000 questions on personal, private data. And, guess where it goes? THE IRS…maybe the NSA gets it and it is integrated with the other 70 databases being housed in the Utah NSA Data Center. What is your income? Is anyone in your house pregnant? Has anyone been in foster care? Do you smoke? What is the “name of the lowest cost self-only health plan” offered at your spouse’s workplace?

I’ll bet you can’t wait to give the government all that deeply personal information. And then, just as you think you are about to be finished, you are asked, “Would you like to register to vote?” For what? Four more years of Obama? Or another Democrat who will finish destroying this country?

Tell Congress they better start listening, or they will be out of a job the first chance we get. DEMAND the de-funding and repeal of Obamacare . Send them thousands and thousands of faxes until they get the message that we will no longer be distracted and we expect Obamacare to die!

When Obamacare was first passed, 74 percent of Democrats supported it and now only 46 percent do. And yet again, Congress keeps defending this legislation that isn’t good enough for THEM and that hasn’t achieved a single positive headline.

Obamacare is the ultimate opportunity to GET THE PEOPLE UNDER CONTROL. Your height, weight, BMI and other personal information will be given to your employer and government agencies and you will be dealt with accordingly. It is a great way for the government to integrate themselves into your life—and once you are in, you will never be free.

THIS IS IT! Now is the time to DE-FUND AND REPEAL OBAMACARE! We sent Congress to Washington in 2012 on the promise that they would defund and repeal Obamacare; but these guys couldn’t lead us down a lighted runway in broad daylight. They have failed us at every turn!

This is our NEW AMERICAN REVOLUTION and your voice needs to scream down every Congressional office in Washington to DE-FUND AND REPEAL OBAMACARE. Stop being distracted by the scandal du jour and tell your representative to stand strong for individual liberty and get serious about ending Obamacare.


Tony Adkins

Conservative Daily