UNBELIEVABLE: Trump Indictment released BEFORE Grand Jury Deliberation — We DEMAND an Investigation
Here's the infuriating twist – these charges were revealed BEFORE the grand jury had even concluded their proceedings. Can you believe the audacity?
However fleetingly it appeared, the document's appearance on the court's website was quickly reversed without any offers of an explanation. Fortunately, before its sudden disappearance, Reuters managed to acquire the documents and report on the outrageous occurrence, potentially exposing a grievous violation of constitutional due process.
According to Reuters' coverage, the documents, dated August 14th and under the title "Trump," detailed a list of criminal charges aimed at Trump, encompassing allegations of state racketeering, conspiracy to commit false statements, and solicitation of violation of oath by a public officer.
Responding to the Reuters report, the Fulton County Court vehemently denied the authenticity of the document, labeling it as "fictitious." The court's statement cautioned the media, stating that documents lacking an official case number, filing date, and The Clerk of Courts' name were not to be considered official filings and should be treated accordingly.
Now, however, the truth surfaces as they grudgingly admit that this shameful mishap was the result of an error by Fulton County Clerk of Superior and Magistrate Courts, Ché Alexander. She claimed it was a mistake, an attempt to release documents to the public quickly. Alexander explains that the document was a mere "dry-run," lacking any official status or charges. Supposedly, it was nothing more than a test sample.
Curious, isn't it? Why would a trial run involve actual charges against Trump? Wouldn't common sense dictate using something that, if accidentally released, wouldn't have far-reaching consequences, as we've clearly witnessed here?
I'm not buying it!
While the Fulton County (Georgia) Clerk of Courts Office might want to sweep this blunder under the rug as a mere accident or test, this mishap cannot be casually dismissed. The release of such a document carries significant weight, and it necessitates a thorough investigation.
Why did a "test document" already contain charges against Trump before the grand jury had completed its proceedings? 
We demand a comprehensive investigation into this matter – even if the document's release was supposedly a blunder and not official, the mere fact that it pre-emptively carried charges before the grand jury had concluded their deliberations raises alarming suspicions of due process violations.
Donald Trump, like any other American citizen, is entitled to due process. If there is even a hint of due process violation, it is our obligation to investigate and address it.