A rift is growing between the January 6th Committee and the Department of Justice as the Committee is refusing to turn over the numerous witness transcripts relating to the so-called “Insurrection”.

The truth is extremely dangerous to the January 6th Committee, as it interferes with the narrative they are desperately trying to maintain. The Justice Department believes that the full witness transcripts will assist in convicting groups like the Proud Boys and Oath Keepers. It seems the Committee’s aversion to releasing the transcripts is due to the possibility that they might exonerate and vindicate these groups from charges of insurrection and sedition!
Congress must act now and demand accountability to prevent these partisan hacks from destroying Democracy and defiling the rule of Law for political gain!
The Committee cannot be allowed to manipulate the truth of the events of January 6th to further a political agenda! The sham January 6th Committee is nothing more than a taxpayer funded campaign to deprive Donald Trump and the America First agenda from maintaining power in American politics.