Yesterday, Joe Biden proclaimed that there is no Federal solution to COVID-19 and that it would be up to states to handle the virus from here-on-out. He then promptly left the White House to vacation at his beach house in Delaware.

In other words, Biden's entire 2020 Campaign was a complete and total lie. He ran on a promise to "shut down the virus" and now, just a year into the term, has admitted defeat and given up. 

Biden made the announcement in an attempt to shift blame for the rising case numbers in states like New York. He spent all of 2020 blaming Donald Trump for every single case and death, so he is anxious to pass the buck on to someone else...

Here is the good news: Joe Biden admitting that there is no "Federal solution" to the pandemic now gives us an opening to abolish all of his unconstitutional policies and mandates!

Help us dismantle Biden's unconstitutional vaccine mandates and Covid restrictions! Please, send your instant FaxBlast to Congress right now and DEMAND that they revoke all Biden policies that violate individual rights and liberties!

The Federal pandemic response gained its powers from statutes that allow the government to respond to crises. 

US Law allows the government to violate individuals' rights and liberties - to a certain extent - when there is a bona fide emergency facing the country. This power has seldom been truly tested. Most judges tend to defer to the Executive Branch on emergency responses. 

Abraham Lincoln tried to use the Civil War to suspend civil liberties. In 1861, Lincoln suspended the writ of habeas corpus, the legal process that stops the government from indefinitely detaining someone without the lawful authority to do so. Lincoln suspended habeas corpus to allow the military to detain people who they felt were "threatening to military operations." People could be arrested by the military and thrown in jail without ever seeing the inside of a courtroom. Lincoln claimed that the Civil War was a special circumstance that should allow him to violate one of the most basic constitutional rights. The Supreme Court disagreed and swiftly ruled that the practice was unconstitutional.

What has emerged since then is a process known as "Strict Scrutiny," the process by which courts decide whether a government policy violates an individual's most fundamental rights. In order for the government to get away with violating your rights, the government must prove that there is a (1) articulable government interest behind the policy and that (2) the policy is designed to be the least restrictive necessary to accomplish the goal. The government has to prove it has a need to violate people's liberties and the violations are as minimal as possible.

Every single Federal Covid restriction and mandate just lost its legal justification. By proclaiming that there is "no Federal solution" to the pandemic, each and every one of Biden's mandates now fail the first part of the Strict Scrutiny test. If there is "no Federal solution," then all Federal restrictions and mandates which violate the Constitution are completely and totally unconstitutional.

The vaccine mandates? Unconstitutional. The mask mandates on commercial airplanes? Unconstitutional. The testing requirements for Federal workers? Unconstitutional.

The Courts have refused to shut down Biden's tyranny. There are far too many Liberals and GOPers on the bench to trust that they will save us. 

The only way to shut down Biden's unconstitutional pandemic restrictions and mandates is through Congress and only YOU can force them to do it!

Help us dismantle Biden's unconstitutional vaccine mandates and Covid restrictions! Please, send your instant FaxBlast to Congress right now and DEMAND that they revoke all Biden policies that violate individual rights and liberties!

Democrats can see the writing on the wall. They know that the American people hate Biden's vaccine mandates. This is why we saw Joe Manchin flip and join the Republican push to abolish the OSHA vaccine mandate.

There aren't a lot of moderate Democrats left, but there are enough to topple Biden's mandates. They see that Biden is sinking and they don't want to go down with the ship...

Any Federal regulation or Executive order can be rescinded by Congress using a process known as the Congressional Review Act. If a majority of the House and Senate want to revoke Biden's mandates and restrictions, they can do it.

In the Senate, we have a 51 vote majority, but only against the vaccine mandate for 100+ employee businesses. In the House, we only need to flip 5 Democrats in order to kill Biden's mandates for good.

That is how close we are to saving this country from Joe Biden and Anthony Fauci's tyranny!

Now is not the time to give up. We are closer to winning than ever before. But the only way we can dismantle Biden's tyrannical policies is if YOU fight back right now!



We are so close to victory!

Max McGuire
Conservative Daily