Fellow Conservative,

So far, we have sent about 1.3 million faxes to Congress demanding that they STOP Obama’s leftist Supreme Court nominee from moving forward.

Earlier this past week, I told you about how ¼ of all Senate Republicans had caved and agreed to “hear him out.”

This was the magic number. It takes 16 Republicans to push legislation through with 100% Democrat support. If every GOP Senator who agreed to meet with Obama’s nominee also votes for him, then the Democrats would have all the votes they need.

Which is why it was so shocking to hear that Kansas Senator Jerry Moran had announced that he wanted hearings and votes to be held.

Sen. Moran was one of the focuses of this week’s FaxBlast and, lo and behold, he came out yesterday and announced he has changed his mind. He no longer supports hearing for Obama’s nominee and apologizes for the confusion. After examining Garland’s policies, the Senator concluded that he simply cannot vote for him.

This is YOUR doing! Without holding Congress’ feet to the fire, this Senator never would have backtracked. He never would have actually studied Garland’s record.

But now, another two Republicans have come out and scheduled sit-downs with the President’s leftist nominee. Senators Susan Collins (R-ME) and John Boozman (R-AR) are excited to sit down and discuss policy with Obama’s Supreme Court nominee. It’s pathetic how they just cave in like this.

One step forward, but two steps back…

Shame on them! Force Congress to STOP Obama’s Supreme Court nominee from moving forward!

The message is clear. Sitting down with Obama’s Supreme Court nominee is the fastest way to be voted out of office.

Once Senator Moran felt the weight of the Conservative movement against him, he changed his tune. This is republicanism in action!

But we cannot let up now. It is great that we got this Senator to backtrack and get his act together, but more Republicans are still jumping ship to hear the President’s nominee out.

Every time we push back, we have success. We will not let up until Merrick Garland withdraws his name from consideration!

They should be ashamed! FaxBlast Congress and DEMAND that they put a stop to these surrenders immediately!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily