Dear Conservative,

Illegal aliens are overrunning our country. They are coming across the border in hordes and, apparently, border patrol has orders to let as many go as possible.

There are forces within the U.S. government that are conspiring to aid and abet these criminals in an attempt to dramatically alter the United States’ demographics.

Well, now that the summer is winding down, we are witnessing the fruit of these traitors’ labor. Thousands and thousands of illegal alien children are packing up their lunch boxes and heading off to school.

Now, I know what you’re asking: “How could they possibly go to school if they don’t pay property taxes?”

Well, apparently those rules only apply to Americans. These illegals are sending their kids to school without paying a dime in property taxes or even setting up official residency in the school districts.

How can kids go to school if they can’t prove they live in the district? That’s easy, the Department of Education has instructed schools to just list the illegal aliens as “homeless” so they don’t legally have to provide a residence.

I know parents who have moved mountains to make sure that their children lived within a good school district. They made sacrifices to be able to afford their homes and paid thousands of dollars in property taxes to ensure their children received a quality education.

But here come a bunch of illegals who aren’t citizens, can’t prove they live in the school district (because they probably don’t), and haven’t paid a cent in property taxes to fund the schools. Yet, our Federal government – the one that is supposed to protect and represent Americans – is instructing schools to lie and say that illegal aliens are “homeless” so they can get around the residency requirements.


If an American tried to do this for their children, the kids would be sent home and the adults would be charged with lying on government documents and fraud! Yet, apparently the law doesn’t apply to Barack Obama’s ‘chosen people’ who are being groomed to become future Democrats!

Tell Congress to STOP the overwhelming influx of illegal alien children in our schools!

Now, I know what you’re saying… you don’t think it can get worse than this.

Well, something I have learned from examining the Obama administration over the years is that just as you think it cannot get worse, the administration proves you wrong.

If you are not already doing so, please sit down…

The Department of Education has told schools that these illegal alien children have a “right” to a taxpayer-funded education, and that right cannot be denied just because the children aren’t vaccinated.

That’s correct: the Department of Education is deliberately allowing illegal alien children from the Third World to enter our schools without any record of vaccinations!

This is why it is so important to protect our country and force prospective immigrants through the official channels. The process to come to this country is long because there are a lot of things that we need to double check before immigrants are allowed entry. One of those lengthy steps is to check for communicable diseases.

Tuberculosis, Lice, Swine Flu, Scabies, MRSA, Staph Infections, Chicken Pox, and other dangerous communicable diseases are being introduced in our schools all because the Obama administration wants to be politically correct!

If you try to skirt the vaccination requirements, many schools wouldn’t let your children in. Even the most adamant opponents of vaccinations who claim it goes against their religious beliefs are receiving pushback from school administrators.

But if you are an illegal alien, you can break all the rules. You can go to whatever school you want and you can bring whatever Third World diseases you want into the school.

It isn’t racist to suggest that illegal aliens are carrying diseases… it is a fact! These are diseases that we had previously eradicated, but now they are back because Barack Obama is too much of a coward to close the border!

I look at this country and the first thing I say to myself is, “I’m done.” When you look at how the entire system is set up to cater to a bunch of illegal alien criminals, it makes you want to just quit and give up.

I mean, for the Love of God, what is going on here?

While Americans are seeing their health insurance rates under Obamacare skyrocketing, these illegals are receiving free healthcare…

While Americans are seeing the prices of food skyrocket at the grocery stores, these illegals are receiving taxpayer funded EBT Cards (food stamps)…

While Americans are seeing their property taxes rise, these illegals are receiving a free education in school districts where they aren’t even residents…

Pardon my French, but what the hell is going on in this country? When are the American people going to wake up and demand change?

When are you going to stand up and say that whoever facilitates this garbage will be kicked out of office?

Unfortunately, that is the only language that our legislators seem to understand…

They don’t care that American children are being exposed to dangerous, Third World diseases… all they care about is their wallets and their job security.

I, for one, am tired of being walked all over. I am tired of emptying my pockets so that a bunch of liberals can redistribute the wealth to their own voting blocks!

This ends today! But the only way to end this is for every last one of us to raise our voices and demand that this illegal alien invasion be stopped!

Tell Congress to STOP the overwhelming influx of illegal alien children in our schools!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily