“What is your religion?”

“What is your parents’ political affiliation?”

“What is your sexual orientation?”

Dear American Patriots … What do ANY of these questions have to do with your child’s education?

Answer: the Obama administration and his new, intrusive Common Core program. Your child will be grilled with these kinds of questions, and many, many more just like it dealing with your income, family structure, sexuality, and other hot-button issues that have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO WITH EDUCATION and everything to do with politics and indoctrination.

Only a handful of people know that something called Common Core exists, and very few know what it teaches or what it will mean for the future of America! We desperately need you to help get the word out by sharing these messages and contacting your representatives to ask that they STOP Common Core from taking root in your local school system.

The Blaze caught wind of those very questions listed above being asked to 10th graders in the Montgomery County School District, in Maryland.

Maryland, if you remember, is the same state where concerned parent Robert Small was ARRESTED for asking questions about Common Core.

So just the other day, The Blaze found out high schoolers were being FORCED—not asked, but FORCED—to go to a website called Edline and answer the questions above, along with things like:

“Who is to blame for the government shutdown?”

“What do you think about Obamacare?”

“Should assault rifles be banned?”

And a really, really fun one like this: “If President Obama were Caucasian how much more or less criticism do you think he would he receive?”

When parents found out about the intrusive questions, they naturally contacted the school. A Blaze reporter also began to ask questions.


So, let’s chew on that for a minute. A complete class of sophomores at a Maryland school are just automatically LYING about being forced to answer these types of questions in some crazy survey? It was never there! Forget about it.


The FIRST answer from the school was that no such survey had ever taken place. You know; those crazy kids and their Common Core horror stories. But when parents and the Blaze reporter SHOWED THE SCHOOL EVIDENCE of the very survey ON THE SCHOOL WEBSITE, all of a sudden, the survey miraculously DISAPPEARED and the school began to claim that the questionnaire was just a student project and not anything that had to do with the school.

Oh, and of course, the kids didn’t HAVE to participate, it was all voluntary.


Further investigation revealed it had, in fact, existed on the school’s website and was written up by at least one Common Core teacher there at the Montgomery School. And that when a student balked at participating, he got an earful from a teacher, and then methodically and loyally logged on to take part.

So … Here we go. We told you this. Barack Obama’s far-Left, socialist national education program known as Common Core is coming to get your kids, and fast. They are testing components of it right now. And its success all depends on you, the parents and grandparents, NOT KNOWING ABOUT IT and NOT DOING ANYTHING ABOUT IT even when you start to take notice.

Parents and teachers are being completely removed from the education process and the government is stepping in to take over. Fax Congress right this minute and tell them to STOP COMMON CORE before it destroys the American educational system!

We told you Common Core was going to create a massive database on your kids called inBloom, filing everything on them relating to your student’s name, social security number, blood type, hair color, weight, test scores, nicknames, religion, attitudes, income level, medical history, psychological evaluations, bus stop times and political affiliation. Your child may find themselves strapped into a special chair that measures their posture while a biometric wrap on their wrist records their reactions. There may also be a camera in the classroom recording their facial expressions.

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) used to protect the privacy of kids. But last year the regulations were changed. Now, every single bit of information a school collects under the Common Core program can be shared among federal agencies and sold to private companies—with no parental consent and in many cases, NO OPT-OUT.

Makes you wonder what happened to all that data the Montgomery County schools just got from those 10th graders. Maybe they are using it to measure “appropriate” Common Core attitudes, beliefs, diversity and behavior. For example, “All children must have ethical judgment, honesty or integrity.” Does the government now determine whether our children have a moral compass or not…and if they disagree with the current political party in power, does that mean they fail? No one knows what types of tests our children will take, who will develop them, who will review them, or what a passing or failing score would be.

No one knows…yet these ideas are in our schools right now, and our kids are being data-filed as we speak. Gosh, I hope those students gave Obama and his troopers the answers they were looking for, or you might have to expect a visit from the thought police pretty soon!

This is wrong, and it must be stopped. There is absolutely no evidence to suggest that Common Core will increase the quality of education here in America, and no one can point to a single country that has used such a curriculum.

It was developed, in private, and turned into a nationalized curriculum seemingly overnight, after Obama dangled money in front of states for his “Race to the Top” program. Instead, we are speeding quickly toward the BOTTOM of education, ingenuity and freedom.

Americans on both the Left and Right side of the political spectrum are raising holy fever about this program. We want everyone to know what it is, who is behind it, and what it means for our educational system.


Please, pass this message along and let them know our kids are being used as database guinea pigs, and the schools are covering it up and lying about it so the real truth won’t come out.


STOP THE INDOCTRINATION OF OUR CHILDREN AND PROTECT OUR FUTURE…Fax Congress and tell them to fight tooth and nail at the federal level and in their districts to END COMMON CORE while there is still time!

46 year-old parent Robert Small attended a Common Core informational meeting in Ellicott City, Maryland. He wanted to find out more about what it is. He wanted to know what his kids would be learning in school.

Because he asked questions, he was arrested.

He was arrested in the United States of America for asking questions about his child’s education.

Why are educators pushing back so hard against parents wanting to know the truth?

You can’t fight it if you don’t know what’s in it.

Charges against Mr. Small were dismissed. The powers-that-be wanted the national attention to go away.

Well, we are NOT going away. We will not stop fighting against Common Core.

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A teacher responding to criticism of Common Core said: “I am a teacher that understands and dislikes Common Core, and I do not know of any teacher that likes the program. It is another example of BIG GOVERMENT taking over more of our lives. We do not need a Department of Education at the federal level, because states know their educational needs better than Washington. States may disagree with what the federal government mandates to them, but they will do whatever they have to for federal money. Common Core and many many programs get into our educational system in this manner. Doesn't this sound like the way big government is trying to take away our freedoms? Citizens of this country better wake up and stop big government, which needs to begin within our educational system.”

She goes on to say, “Youth do not see a need for education or work when big government will take care of their every need. Hard-working and educated taxpayers are tired of big government forcing us to pay for this type of dependency on the government. Our present administration wants complete control of every aspect of our lives. I am glad that I was educated at a time when government wasn't trying to destroy this great nation. I still fight the system and try to teach children in a way that will help them to keep our liberties and preserve this great nation.”

Help this teacher and others like her FIGHT THE SYSTEM and stop the federal government from destroying our educational system. The very future of this country depends on those kids sitting behind desks at schools right now, having Obama’s big ideas shoved down their throats and being forced to “conform” to his nationalized, socialist standards. Fax Congress right this very minute and put an end to it!

Controlling our youth means controlling our future. Barack Obama and his ideas are NOT the future I see for our nation or our children. Please help us stop Common Core before it destroys the United States of America and creates a massive class of government-dependent robots.

It will not raise academic standards, it will stifle them. It will end classroom creativity and innovation, and it will indoctrinate entire generations of kids into the belief that the government is their true parent and that is where they should seek all the comforts they need in life.

In April, In April, MSNBC's Melissa Harris-Perry argued that,  "[W]e have to break through our kind of private idea that kids belong to their parents or kids belong to their families, and recognize that kids belong to their communities.”

If it’s a business, you didn’t build it. If it’s a child, you don’t own him/her.

Nothing belongs to YOU, the taxpaying, law-abiding American. Not even your beautiful children.

So, so very much is wrong with Common Core we have only focused here today on this troubling story coming out of Montgomery, Maryland dealing with that Common Core questionnaire. But, we are continuing our investigation of Common Core and will update you frequently with more news and information you can use to spread to your friends, family, teachers, clergy, neighbors, ANYONE who you believe needs to know that this kind of nationalized indoctrination is going on in America right now.

Please, help us stop this nationalized, progressive scheme designed to change the American educational system into a shadow of its former self—exactly what they did with our great healthcare system when they implemented Obamacare. If you don’t want Obama’s radical Left ideas drummed into your child’s head every day, you need to fax Congress right now and tell them to fight this tooth and nail at the state and federal level.


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily