Fellow Conservative,

The House of Representatives passed fast-track legislation for Obamatrade by just 10 votes. This legislation gives Obama the power to negotiate and write the trade agreement on his own

Now, the legislation moves on to the Senate and you can rest assured that we will continue to fight this cancerous agenda when the vote is held on Tuesday. But right now, we have a different problem to take care of.

John Boehner must be removed from power.

I want to introduce you to Rep. Mark Meadows (R-NC). By all measures, he is a conservative who votes his conscience and represents the people. Rep Meadows was also a chairman of one of the Government Reform and Oversight Subcommittees.

Well, because he voted against Obamatrade, he has been removed from the chairman position.

This is how Boehner does business. If he doesn't like the way a Republican votes, he removes them of their committee assignments.

This isn't a Dictatorship, it is a Republic. And it is about time that we reminded Congress of this, don't you think?

John Boehner has gone too far. Click to demand that he be removed from power!

Earlier this week, Boehner removed three other Republicans from the GOP whip team. This is the group of Congressmen responsible for counting the votes to see if a piece of legislation is likely to pass. 

When John Boehner became speaker, I had high hopes for him. All the evidence suggested that he was going to govern as a Conservative. But as soon as he got into office, he immediately started surrendering to the Democrats. On the debt ceiling, the budget, Obamacare, executive amnesty, and now Obamatrade, John Boehner has proven he is nothing but a Republican-in-Name-Only.

The GOP Establishment is carrying out a purge of all Conservatives in positions of power.

This is a really big deal. Without these Conservatives in these committees, pieces of legislation will likely never make it to a full floor vote. By replacing all the committee chairs with more RINOS, Boehner is ensuring that his agenda will go unchallenged.

This has to stop. 

At any time, the United States House of Representatives can change leadership. They could hold a no-confidence vote and remove Boehner from power.

It is up to you to demand it. With this latest Obamatrade fight, John Boehner has shown his true colors. He is not fit to lead.

Have you had enough of this RINO yet? Tell Congress to remove Boehner from power!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily