Dear Conservative,

Well, here we are America. We have finally reached the deadline for the enrollment in the Affordable Care Act.*

I have to put an asterisk next to that sentence because the Obama administration has technically (and illegally) extended open enrollment but they won’t tell anyone what the new deadline is. They vaguely said that it would be “sometime in the middle of April.” Great… Super helpful…

Barack Obama has been jetting around the country, appearing on multiple television shows to try to get young people to overpay for health insurance that they don’t currently need.

While the Obama administration has been able to make up ground and make over six million people go to the website and place a healthcare plan in their shopping cart – what the news media is calling “enrolled” – there are serious doubts about WHO is signing up.

Many of the people signing up, if not most of them, were forced to do this because the President’s promise that they could keep the health insurance that they already had turned out to be a lie. It is hard to say that the program is making a dent in the 48 million uninsured Americans, especially since the program only contributed to that number by kicking people off of their plans.

When it comes to the age demographic, the average age of an individual in the health insurance pools has gone up. There are also now more sick people in the insurance pools. When you fail to court the younger people into the healthcare program and end up taking more sick individuals, there is no doubt that health insurance premiums/deductibles will go up for EVERYONE.

Have no fear! The Obama administration has heard our plea and has decided to take action and pad the health insurance rolls a bit more before the deadline. How have they been doing that? By signing up illegal aliens!

Tell Congress to STOP the White House from unlawfully signing up illegal aliens for Obamacare to pad the enrollment numbers!

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare) explicitly says that the coverage cannot be offered to illegal aliens. That didn’t stop Oregon from illegally signing over 4000 illegal aliens up for Medicaid. Oregon’s healthcare site has been so riddled with problems that the state has resorted to processing applications by hand. So, this wasn’t a computer glitch… these were more than 4000 instances where an “Obamacare Navigator” manually gave these illegal immigrants the Obamacare stamp of approval.

That’s just one state, and it is the state that has had the most problems rolling out the health law. God only knows how many illegal aliens have signed up for FREE healthcare across the country. Now, we all know that Obamacare isn’t free. There’s no such thing as a free lunch. But for illegal immigrants who skirt the system and don’t pay any taxes into this… They are getting this healthcare for free and on YOUR dime!

It gets even worse than that. The Obama administration has figured out that illegal aliens and their families have been signing up for Obamacare. What did the regime do? It promised these illegals that no matter what, their inputted information wouldn’t be used to deport them or their families. Essentially, the government has received thousands of notarized admissions of guilt; illegal aliens admitting on a federal form that they are in the country illegally. Instead of upholding the law and sending these criminals back to whatever country they came from, Barack Obama is turning a blind eye while simultaneously giving them health insurance they DON’T DESERVE!

This is your tax dollars at work. You can rest assured that your tax money is now being deliberately funneled to provide entitlements to illegal aliens! I don’t know why I was so shocked when I heard that, but I was. This past January, the GOP offered an amendment to a bill that would have closed a tax loophole abused by illegal aliens to the tune of over $4 BILLION every year, but the Democrats refused to touch it.

Why? Well, the last thing the Democrats want is to punish their key voting-block. They need these illegal aliens to be out in force voting on Election Day…

I look around, and it pains me to see just how backwards this country has become. When will the brave patriots that I know are out there finally stand up and take this country back?!

Tell Congress to STOP the White House from unlawfully signing up illegal aliens for Obamacare to pad the enrollment numbers!

Every time I think it couldn’t get any worse, it does. The Obama administration has gone beyond just turning a blind eye to illegal aliens who are signing up for Obamacare. Now, the administration has begun going to Mexican Consulates to sign people up.

“Whether they’re Mexican nationals or whether they’re United States citizens or whether they’re in transition– and if they’re there it is our responsibility within all of America to educate on the Affordable Care Act,” remarked Obamacare navigator and Enroll America field organizer Jose Mendrano. That is the justification for breaking the law and signing up non-citizen, Mexican nationals for Obamacare with no questions asked…

Even if this was their duty, to enroll everyone in America… they aren’t even smart enough to realize that the Mexican Consulate technically isn’t part of the United States of America! It is foreign soil. So the administration is sending its people onto foreign soil to sign people up for health care that they are not supposed to be allowed to purchase…

Does the Obama administration even care that Federal subsidies are being given to illegal aliens? Or is that just a part of his plan to “fundamentally transform America” and redistribute the wealth?

Does the Obama administration even care that by dangling free healthcare in front of illegal aliens, that will only give incentive to more people to illegally enter the country? Or is that just part of the greater plan?

This isn’t some conspiracy theory. The Obama administration actually believes that illegal aliens deserve Obamacare paid for with YOUR tax dollars! Hell, just last week Vice President Joe Biden said publicly that the 12 Million illegal aliens in the country were apparently “already American citizens.”

The Obamacare rollout wasn’t just a sign of government ineptitude… the entire open enrollment period has shown that for the Obama administration, the ends will always justify the means. The administration is actively courting illegal aliens on foreign soil to sign up for the Affordable Care Act, just to try to make the President look better when the final enrollment numbers come out. This is absolutely criminal and must be stopped!

I urge you to force your Legislators to put an end to the Obama administration’s attempts to pad the enrollment numbers by signing up illegal aliens on foreign soil!

Tell Congress to STOP the White House from unlawfully signing up illegal aliens for Obamacare to pad the enrollment numbers!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily