Hillary Clinton Continues to “Whitewash” Benghazi in New York Magazine Interview

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Even while the congressional investigations were being conducted, FOX News came out with an exclusive report about many weapons, vehicles and supplies were stolen by Libyan jihadists.  In fact, according to Fox News, a former American-built training camp, abandoned (not destroyed) by U.S. forces which left the country after the Benghazi debacle, has now been over-run and is being used by jihadists to train terrorists!

The Obama administration response to Benghazi remains horrendous, at best.

At Thursday’s Congressional investigation, Democratic Congressmen walked out of the room while victim families were testifying.  While at the same time, Hillary Clinton granted an interview with the New York Magazine which continued to “whitewash” the entire Benghazi scandal!

The advanced U.S. weapons stolen are not some small cache.  It is enormous.  State Department and military sources tell of dozens of military armed “Humvees” which contain sensitive GPS navigation equipment, 100 Glock pistols, more than 100 M4 rifles, night-vision goggles, and other military equipment.”

According to one source, “It’s not just the equipment…it’s the capability!  You are giving these dangerous groups the capability that only a few nations are capable of. Already, assassinations are picking up in Tripoli and there are major worries that the militias are using this stolen equipment to their advantage.  All these militias are tied into terrorist organizations and are tied to (salafists).”

Let me see if I understand this completely---MILLIONS of your taxpayer dollars are now being used in Benghazi to train terrorists!! 

What more can go wrong through the Benghazi cover-up?

This past week, House Committees held THREE hearings about the Benghazi scandal:  House Foreign Affairs Committee on Wednesday, House Oversight and Government Reform Committee on Thursday morning and the House Armed Services Committee on Thursday afternoon.

What is really outrageous is that Democratic Congressmen began to walk out of the room while parents of two of the four men killed in the Benghazi attack on September 11, 2012 testified.  It was not only rude, but disrespectful to heroes who were slain.

Patricia Smith, mother of Sean Smith, who was the first found at the Benghazi compound, tearfully asserted: “No one in the government has told me anything!  Everything I’ve found, and I mean anything, I found by going on the Internet and asking questions.  It’s been true living hell living through this without any answers!”

The drone saw it all.  No response.  No rescue team went.  No military action or intervention by US forces at all.  That adds up to only one end - a STAND DOWN ORDER! President Obama and company signed Ambassador Stevens death certificate on September 11, 2012.

Charles Woods, the father of Tyronne Woods, a former Navy SEAL murdered in Benghazi, said also that he knows little more about what happened than he did one year ago!  He claimed: “There are people out there that have firsthand knowledge, and public testimony is necessary so the voters have the truth so they can protect the freedom of America.”

Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA), chairman of the House Committee Oversight and Government Reform, promised both parents that he would not end the committee’s investigation until all their questions were answered!  You need to demand answers from Congress today!

Notify Congress that they MUST appoint a Special Prosecutor and a Select Committee to get to the very bottom of this Benghazi Scandal that has cost FOUR American lives!

Former U.N. Ambassador Thomas Pickering and former Joint Chiefs of Staff chairman Admiral Mike Mullen were also grilled by Congressional Committee Members this past Thursday.  These two chaired an independent review panel on the September 11, 2012 attack on the Consulate in Benghazi, Libya.  This attack killed Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans:  Sean Smith, U.S. Foreign Service Information Management Officer, Glen Doherty, Navy SEAL and Tyronne S. Woods, Navy SEAL.


Rep. John Mica (R-FL) asked why former Secretary of State and Tom Donilon, former National Security Adviser, were not interviewed.  Pickering claimed that they were not involved in Benghazi decisions on security; to which Congressman Mica retorted: “If the secretary wasn’t involved, I must be on another planet!”

The Associated Press reports: “Gen. Martin Dempsey, Mullen's successor as top U.S. general, rejected the stand-down claim at a Senate hearing in June. The Republican-led House Armed Services Committee endorsed that position after a classified hearing with other senior officials in July. Mullen rejected the charge as well multiple times Thursday, saying it would have been impossible for any military assets to make it to Benghazi in time to make a difference.”


Benghazi, over one year ago!

Dana Milbank of the Washington Post obviously distorted the Commission probe of Benghazi.  True-to-form as is the left-wing press, Milbank (taking the Obama administration position) claims that the Benghazi debacle is a “phony scandal.”  She writes: “It’s a pity that those seeking answers on Benghazi can’t focus on what really matters: Could anything have been done to prevent the deaths of the four men lost in Benghazi that night? And what can be done to make sure such a thing never happens again?”

But other Commission members have a different, yet compassionate approach to Benghazi, much different that Milbank.  Wayne Simmons, a former CIA agent for 27 years talked about the slain patriots from Benghazi: “So you can only imagine, I suspect, how I must have been feeling and guys like me must have been feeling when we were reliving and continue to relive what we know in our heart of hearts, what the final moments were like for these guys to go through. Because if they were close enough to each other at some point, those warriors turned and looked into each other’s eyes and they knew it was over. That tears my heart out, angers me, disgusts me, knowing that there were decision makers in the United States at the very highest levels, including the White House, that had an opportunity, we believe, to change that course. To have that look that those men gave each other, be saved for another day, and maybe never. But it didn’t work out that day for those guys. They realized they were sold out. They knew help was not coming. It is absolutely the most horrifying thought you could ever imagine.”

Notify Congress that they MUST appoint a Special Prosecutor and a Select Committee to get to the very bottom of this Benghazi Scandal that has cost FOUR American lives!

Even the liberal-leaning Washington Post wrote: “There are many more substantive questions regarding Clinton and Benghazi, including why she couldn’t be bothered to represent the administration on the Sunday talk shows on Sept. 16, instead leaving that task to U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Susan Rice, who bombed. And those conspiracy-theory-producing talking points: Clinton reportedly played little or no role in their evolution. Why?”

By the way, The California man behind the anti-Muslim film that President Obama and Susan Rice originally blamed will soon be released from prison, stemming from an unrelated charge.


Yet, a possible front-runner for the Democratic Party for President in 2016, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton continues to “whitewash” her role in Benghazi!

I guess the term “whitewash” could also mean LIE!!

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This past weekend, Hillary Clinton granted an interview to New York Magazine.  Even though the liberal interview ignored most of Hillary’s Benghazi mistakes, it went on to say:

“Hillary might have left the State Department unsullied by controversy if not for the Benghazi episode, in which the ambassador to Libya, Chris Stevens, and three other consulate staffers were killed in an attack on the U.S. consulate. The NATO intervention in Libya was the most important foreign intervention of her tenure, and a seemingly successful one, but the lack of security in Benghazi and the confusion over how the incident occurred set off a heated Republican attack on Clinton’s handling of the disaster, and she was roasted on the cable-news spit for weeks. In January, she took responsibility for the deaths of the four Americans before Congress—while also questioning her inquisition, snapping at a Republican congressman, ‘What difference at this point does it make? It is our job to figure out what happened and do everything we can to prevent it from ever happening again, Senator.’

“Benghazi will be the go-to bludgeon for Republicans if and when Clinton tries using her experience at State to run for president. It is a reminder that Clinton, despite the cool, centrist façade she has developed in the past four years, is only a misstep away from being a target of partisan rage once again.

“Regardless of the facts, Republicans are liable to use Benghazi as a wedge to pry back her stately exterior, goading her into an outburst, once again revealing the polarizing figure that saw vast right-wing conspiracies and tried ginning up government health care against the political tides of Newt Gingrich.”

Congress MUST appoint a Special Prosecutor and a Select Committee to get to the very bottom of this Benghazi Scandal that has cost FOUR American lives!

Lies . . . muzzled under threat of being suspended are CIA employees . . . the intimidation . . . administration stonewalling . . . stonewalling . . . a genuine cover-up!

Regardless, and it was painfully and tearfully related by parents this past week in Congress of those who have been murdered over one year ago, ANSWERS ARE NOT FORTHCOMING!


If my son or daughter was murdered by terrorists at a U. S. Consulate, I would want answers!  And not have to wait for MORE than one year!!

Please help get to the truth of the Benghazi debacle NOW.  Please fax today!


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