Fellow Conservative,

The Federal government is taking disabled veterans to court and threatening to bankrupt them if they don’t pay back years of disability benefits they accidentally received.

Last year, the VA sent out nearly 187,000 collections letters to disabled veterans. An audit revealed that these disabled veterans were receiving more benefits than they were legally entitled to. Over many years, these numbers add up.

These disabled veterans used this money for their healthcare and living expenses. Now the government is trying to claw it back.

The Pentagon tried something like this last year. They tried to claw back millions of dollars in signing bonuses from Iraq and Afghanistan veterans. Some veterans actually went bankrupt or had to take out a second mortgage on their homes because of it.

We called attention to this issue, bombarded Congress with over 100k FaxBlasts, and got both Republicans and Democrats to unite to end the Pentagon's horrible debt collection program.

It is time to do it again, this time to make sure that disabled veterans aren’t forced into bankruptcy!

Don’t let the VA force these disabled veterans into bankruptcy! Send your FaxBlast and DEMAND that Congress shut down this horrible debt collection program!

When someone serves their country and is wounded in battle, We the People have a responsibility to care for them and their disability.

I am all for balancing the budget, but not on the backs of American veterans. Not now, not ever…

It is unconscionable to expect veterans who are 50% or even 100% disabled to pay back thousands of dollars to the VA. They haven’t been saving this money. Every dollar has gone towards their care or living expenses.

But now, the government is coming for their pound of flesh.

One former Army combat medic and Iraq veteran who lives in Idaho was told he owes $9,831.93 to the VA. Colorado veteran who was shot in the head in Iraq received an overpayment notice for $11,119.41.

There are tens of thousands of cases like these. Until they repay these bills, the VA is shutting off their disability benefits.

It's shameful. Disabled veterans should not be pushed to the brink of bankruptcy because a computer glitch at the VA gave them a few extra dollars here and there.

These are men and women who answered the call to protect us. They gave their blood, sweat, tears, and in some cases, limbs, to defend this nation.

Now it is time for you to answer the call to defend them!

You don't have to go off to war to answer this call. You just need to raise your voice and demand that Congress intervene and stop this madness.

Don’t let the VA bankrupt these disabled veterans! Send your FaxBlast and FORCE Congress to shut down this horrible debt collection program!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily