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Listen to the words of Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as he described the deal to ease sanctions against Iran that President Obama pushed for and obtained:

“What was achieved last night in Geneva is not an historic agreement; it is an historic mistake.”

Why does Prime Minister Netanyahu feel this way?  Perhaps he knows something the Obama Administration does not about Iran’s president Rouhani.  It appears that the new face of Iranian power is friendlier, but has the same intent as his predecessor:  Continuing enrichment and weaponization of nuclear materials.

Rapahel Ahren of the Times of Israel reports “Rouhani was Iran’s nuclear negotiator in 2003 and has reportedly prided himself on fooling the West into believing that the program had been halted.” 

He was lying to us then, and he is lying to us now!

It would be foolish to consent to the easing of sanctions because Iran claims they will behave. This, however is exactly what President Obama and John Kerry have done.  The deal does not call for Iran to reduce ANY of the centrifuges they have on hand. 

Fax Congress: Tell them to veto this “bad deal” NOW!

The deal does call for “intrusive inspections”, but how can we trust Iran to comply with the deal?  Do we dare trust Mr. Rouhani to show all of his cards? 

Here again are Netanyahu’s words as reported by Fox News concerning whether HE thinks the Iranians can be trusted:

“Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said the world had become a ‘more dangerous place’ as a result of the deal and reiterated a long-standing threat to use military action against Iran if needed, declaring that Israel ‘has the right and the duty to defend itself by itself’."

On top of this, Iran receives $1.5 billion in the sale of gold and precious metals and $4.2 billion in oil sales, plus nearly an additional billion in unspecified sanction relief.  Obama and Kerry dismiss this new stream of income to Iran as modest.  Does nearly $7 billion in new revenue to Iran sound modest to you?


In frustration with America’s failure to support them, Netanyahu said, "I want to clarify that Israel will not let Iran develop nuclear military capability."

Even as you are reading this article, Congressional representatives on both sides of the political divide are making their displeasure concerning this “bad deal” known.  There are Senators and Representatives who want to shut this down and push to override a presidential veto, but they need to hear from you that this is a priority.

Fax your congressional representative! Tell them Obama’s deal with Iran will threaten the security of Israel and the United States!                                                     

Do you think Iran will be persuaded to limit its nuclear ambitions just because we are nice to them?

Iran is the largest state sponsor of terrorism, and supplied troops, equipment, ammunition and explosives to kill American troops in Iraq and Afghanistan!   

Why would Obama make this really bad deal for us and Israel?

Newsmax further reports that “Tehran, whose oil-dependent economy has been severely damaged by tightening Western sanctions over the past few years, denies it would ever ‘weaponize’ enrichment.” 

Who believes them?  If the sanctions were working, and it prevented this evil government from further supplying resources that continue to kill AMERICAN SOLDIERS in Afghanistan, then why would we give them another $7 BILLION in sanction relief to kill more American war fighters and weaponize more uranium?

Congress hasn’t been known for making good decisions lately, but they can do better if they if they heard from you! 

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The voice of “We the People” is powerful, and we can ensure that we send a clear message to Congress that MORE and not FEWER SANCTIONS are what is required to prevent Iran from taking the fast track to nuclear warfare. 

It is difficult to understand why Obama has chosen to make this incredibly poor deal.  This deal will embolden countries in the Middle East to start their own nuclear weapons programs. This deal could kick-off an arms race that could eventually produce weapons that end up in the hands of terrorists that threaten our country.

This deal is giving Iran more time to enrich uranium and ultimately create a nuclear weapon, making them extremely dangerous.  As Americans, we have the power to make the difference.  We must come together and speak with one clear voice and undo the damage that Obama and Kerry are doing, but you must ACT!! Congress needs to hear from you!

Fax Congress: Tell them to veto this “bad deal” NOW!

In Liberty,

Joe Otto

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