Fellow American,

It is shameful to watch our country’s military families struggling to stay afloat. This is made even worse by the fact that Christmas is right around the corner.

Now we’re hearing that Military reservists will have their most recent paychecks delayed because of “malicious activity” in the payment processing system.

This is just the latest development in a long list of assaults on our country’s military families.

The fact is that when a young man or woman puts on the uniform and commits to defend this country, We the People immediately owe them a debt that, quite frankly, we will never be able to repay.

What do you say to a mother taking care of a young child while daddy is off fighting for this country? What can you possibly tell a mother and father who just learned that their son or daughter paid the ultimate sacrifice?

What do you tell a soldier who serves his country honorably only to come home and learn that his pay and benefits have been cut?

Barack Obama can talk about ending the war in Afghanistan all he wants, but that doesn’t change the fact there’s a war going on in America over paying our military soldiers and veterans what they have earned and what they deserve.

While our congressmen and senators were busy giving themselves a $1000 a month luxury car allowance, they were hard at work stripping our military families of the pay and benefits they use to survive.

This happens every year and we need to put a stop to this!

No military family should have to make sacrifices around the holidays! Demand that Congress restore the military’s pay!

It really is this simple. Members of Congress gave themselves a $1000/month luxury car allowance while reducing the monthly pay and benefits our soldiers receive.

While these politicians are being chauffeured around Washington, military families are going to be figuring out how to pay their rent/mortgage now that their housing assistance has been cut.

This is so backwards that it is sickening. But it has gotten this bad because of us. They do this every year. Congress gives themselves more benefits and a pay raise while cutting our military salaries below the rate of inflation, effectively amounting to a cut.

Meanwhile, illegal aliens are being given working papers and once they start working, stealing jobs from Americans, they will become eligible for Medicare and Social Security.  All the projections suggest that these programs will not be around for the next generation and that Americans have already been born who will pay into these programs and never get a dime back.  What do you think is going to happen when 5-20 million illegals are introduced to the pools?

Congress needs to wake up and remember that they work for YOU! Not only do you pay their salaries, but you also have the power to remove them from office.

The only way to get things done in Washington is to remind them of this. Remind them that the American people will not sit idly by while military pay and benefits are slashed and Members of Congress are driving around in taxpayer-funded limos!

You have the power. If you raise your voice and demand change… if we all raise our voices… then we can fix this. But remaining silent will do nothing!

Congress cut the military’s pay, but gave themselves a luxury car allowance! Force Congress to give our soldiers the pay they deserve!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily