Vote NO FOR Blanket Amnesty!

Monday evening, the United States Senate voted to end debate on the “Border Surge” amendment to the Immigration bill.  In order to end the debate, the 67-27 vote required over 60 Senate votes; which it received!  This vote paves the way for amnesty for 11,000,000 illegal immigrants with a final Senate vote coming as early as Thursday, June 27th!

However, the updated 119-page language that was attached to the 1,200-page immigration bill was only filed this past Friday.  Many Senators were in their home districts, not having time to thoroughly read the language used in the key amendment. 


U.S. Senator Jeff Sessions (R-AL), a staunch opponent of the original bill, accused the Senate of rushing to vote on the legislation with the late urgency to amend the bill.  The border security amendment is a supposed bipartisan compromise to make sure that the bill passes. 

Senator Sessions on Monday afternoon protested of the lateness of the filed amendment.  He charged:  “This is exactly what happened with ObamaCare!”  U.S. Senator Mike Lee (R-UT), voiced the opinion of those who are against the bill, by saying he preferred a step-by-step approach: “It could take years to implement the border-security measures.”

That is why your voice must be heard by the United States Congress.


The “Gang of 8” added additional amendments solely to gain enough Republican support to pass S. 744!  And your fax must stop this onslaught against Americans!


The Corker-Hoeven amendment announced on Thursday is the amendment that could help determined the fate of the Amnesty Bill, S. 744.

Please do whatever you can to help DEFEAT this amendment; especially by faxing every Congressman!  The amendment sounds good:  20,000 more border patrol agents, hundreds of miles more of fences, etc.

But here’s the problem:

This amendment to S. 744 grants legal status and work permits to 11 million illegal aliens BEFORE any enforcement kicks in!

It will take away jobs from legal Americans.

It will increase unemployment and reduce wages for American workers!

This past Thursday, the Senate reached a tentative “deal” on border security aimed at encouraging more Republicans to support the so-called comprehensive immigration reform.  U. S. Senators Bob Corker (R-TN) and John Hoeven (R-ND) put together the compromise legislation with the “Gang of 8” which calls for:

1.    700 miles of new fencing along the Mexican border

2.    Adding 20,000 Border Patrol agents on the border

3.    Purchase of aerial drones for additional border policing.

Breitbart’s Matthew Boyle best describes the true goal behind the compromise effort:  “The so-called ‘compromise’ on border security…is a sham meant to give political cover to Republicans who want to vote for amnesty but cannot be seen opposing border security.”

Here is the real “rub” on any legislation

Will President Obama and his minions have the backbone and where-with-all to enforce ANY immigration and amnesty legislation?

In Congressional testimony, Department of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano commented: “There are tensions with union leadership, unfortunately, but here’s what I expect as a former federal prosecutor and attorney general, and that is that law enforcement agents will enforce the law in accord with the guidance they’re given from their superiors.”  Napolitano’s “superior” is President Barack Obama.  Need I say more?!

Plus, what is to stop Congress form changing the parameters again, once this bill is passed?  NOTHING!


U.S. Senator Jim Inhofe (R-OK) said the proposal to double the amount of border patrol agents, add 700 miles of border fencing and take other security measures did NOT promise results before allowing illegal immigrants a “fast-track to citizenship.”

U.S. Senator Tom Coburn (R-OK) said the nation does not need another 20,000 border patrol agents: “What we need is a coherent, smart strategy for controlling the border that includes transparency about the plan.”

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U.S. Senator Jeff Sessions (R-AL) asserts: “This bill guarantees three things: amnesty, increased welfare costs and lower wages for the U.S. workforce.  It would be the biggest setback for poor and middle-class Americans of any legislation Congress has considered in decades.”

The majority of Americans insist on tougher border security!  Public opinion surveys show that the American people want the border secured and current laws enforced before we even discuss amnesty.

Tea Party Senator Ted Cruz absolutely opposes the revised “Gang of 8” immigration bill.  He retorted: “This is urgent.  We must stop this Gang of 8 immigration bill, which would give amnesty to an estimated 11 million illegal immigrants with no guarantee of a secure border.  The Senate debate is in the final stages and we need to send Washington a strong signal of the overwhelming grassroots opposition to this amnesty bill from Americans across the country!”

The Gang's promise that aliens who receive amnesty must pay back taxes is a fraud because neither aliens nor employers have documentation for the years the illegal was paid in cash.

The Gang of Eight bill allows the Obama administration to decide which laws to enforce. Every S.744 provision allows Obama bureaucrats to issue waivers to avoid enforcement, a wrinkle that fits perfectly with Obama's governing style, i.e., rule by executive-branch regulations instead of by constitutional legislation.

This “Gang of 8” legislation would devastatingly INCREASE the numbers of immigrants that the jobless percentage would go up and the Democratic votes would drastically go up as well!

Of course the entire bill is an attack on unemployed American workers.  AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka called the bill: “an unambiguous attack on American workers.”

Please let your patriotic message be known, by faxing Congress today!  Tomorrow may be too late!

Fax NOW!


Joe Otto