Dear Conservative,

Every time there is a push to “modernize” our immigration system (liberal-speak for giving amnesty to people here illegally), Conservatives and RINOs alike push the Left for one specific concession: Border Security.

You see, when amnesty movements become a habit, the logical step to take is to close down our southern border so that if we reform our immigration system, we won’t have to do it again a few years down the road.

Dealing with illegal aliens without stopping migrants from further invading our country is nothing but perpetual amnesty. That is why under Presidents Reagan, Bush, and now Obama, one key component of immigration reform has always been border security and the construction of a southern border fence/wall.

Such a wall has never been fully completed. Out of the nearly 2000 miles of the southern border, less than 50% is currently walled off. A border fence was mandated in the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986, but it was never completed. In 2006, George W. Bush signed the Secure Fence Act, which was supposed to construct an additional 700 miles of double-layered border fences. However after Obama’s election, Nancy “Pass It to Learn What’s In It” Pelosi and the Democrats snuck a provision into an appropriations bill dictating that “nothing… shall require the Secretary of Homeland Security to install fencing, physical barriers, roads, lighting, cameras, and sensors in a particular location along an international border.” This provision has given DHS the complete authority to refuse to construct a border fence!

As I said, there is already a little less than 1000 miles of fences and walls along our southern border. Many of these fences, however, are nothing more than crudely erected sticks that couldn’t stop a roving toddler, let alone a Mexican drug trafficker. When the border walls are actually formidable (which is near major population centers), they still just funnel illegal aliens into arid desert areas. The logic behind this was that the desert served as a natural barrier that would surely deter people from entering the country illegally… WRONG!

Border Patrol Agents found 194 bodies and rescued 802 illegal migrants who tried to brave the desert last year alone. So far this year, agents have discovered 38 bodies already in the Tucson sector alone (which represents just 262 miles of the border). No one wants to see someone die, even if they were trying to invade our country. This is why it is absolutely imperative that we complete the border fence immediately!

But that isn’t what the Obama administration is doing. Instead of building more fences and walls, the Obama administration is installing distress beacons in the desert for illegal aliens to radio for help if they are dehydrated or if they need help crossing! This is ludicrous!

Tell Congress to STOP Obama from enabling illegal immigration and force him to secure our borders once and for all!

Anyone who has gone on a college or university admissions tour knows exactly what these devices are. They are large towers that emit a high powered radio frequency whenever someone is in distress and presses the call button. So instead of walling off our border and stopping the influx of illegal immigrants, the Obama administration is installing call boxes so that Border Patrol agents can rescue migrants in distress. Does anyone actually think that these people will be deported after calling for help?

Why stop there? How about we erect lemonade stands throughout the desert to keep these illegal alien criminals hydrated? God forbid we have illegal aliens who are parched.

Or better yet, how about we install those moving walkways used in airports? We can’t afford for these illegal aliens to be getting blisters as they are violating our sovereignty and immigration laws. That would be inhumane! </sarcasm>

Obviously that is in jest, but we aren’t far off from that.

We have laws on the books prohibiting individuals from illegally entering our country. We should be erecting fences and manning the border with the National Guard, not installing help kiosks to better serve these invaders.

The GOP has promised that a border fence provision will be a part of their amnesty bill that they plan to unveil by the end of the summer.

First of all, why the hell does protecting and securing our border have to be connected to giving illegal aliens amnesty? Is this really what this country has become? Democrats are threatening not to enforce our border if we don’t grant citizenship to 12+ million criminals? Not in my America! The border should be enforced… PERIOD! There shouldn’t be any caveats or preconditions.

Secondly, do these RINOs actually believe that if they mandate border enforcement that the Administration will actually follow that law? Does anyone actually expect Barack Hussein Obama to start enforcing laws that he doesn’t agree with? It’s never going to happen! Obama has already ordered the cessation of most deportations. His goal is to have more illegal immigration, not less, so of course he will never actually protect our border!

If we want to help these illegal aliens from dying in the desert while illegally entering the U.S., the best thing we can do is build a damn fence. We need to build a fence and actually staff it with agents to physically stop these people from entering the country.

The Obama administration has a different plan. They have already dispatched border patrol agents to hand out desert survival literature to illegal aliens preparing to cross the border (Fact), now they are installing a network of distress beacons to help these criminals navigate the desert!

I am tired of treating our immigration laws and border security as if it is something to be bargained for! We shouldn’t have to compromise to keep illegal migrants, drug and human traffickers, and terrorists out of our country. You can’t trust anyone who says that border security can be used as a bargaining chip because as long as it is acceptable to negotiate security and enforcement in one way, they will continue to use it to get what they want!

Our border security and national sovereignty is non-negotiable and it is time that Congress understood that! I am tired of Democrats holding our country hostage and the GOP just accepting that!

Tell Congress to STOP Obama from enabling illegal immigration and force him to secure our borders once and for all!

Increasingly aggravated with the state of our country,

Joe Otto

Conservative Daily