Dear Conservative,

This administration shut down the federal government. You and I know that the President will talk and negotiate with just about any enemy or terrorist regime BUT he will not negotiate with Republicans to find the common ground for what is best for Americans!

He did call Conservatives radicals, factions, kidnapers and even terrorists holding him hostage at gun-point! How dramatic! What a lie.

The President comes out saying he is ready to negotiate. Then when he gets the chance to talk, he says he will not negotiate.  

It’s Ground Hog Day!

Now, the House Republicans have sent the White House a new and revised proposal lifting the debt ceiling for six weeks and reopening government through December 15th, 2013. 

That’s it.   Do you believe they get this far and simply give up?!

This revised plan does nothing but replicate the demands Obama made in the meeting Thursday with House GOP Leaders! The GOP WAVED THE WHITE FLAG WHEN THEY WERE WINNING OUR CAUSE!

This proves it.  The ESTABLISHMENT GOP doesn’t represent us!

The establishment Republicans are unwilling to face a fiscal showdown with Democrats and are now can be seen for what they always were ... progressives!

In exchange for meeting, ALL OF OBAMA’S DEMANDS ARE MET!?  

The Republicans have just given up in addressing longer-term budget cuts and negotiations addressing longer-term budget issues.

Trust no one! Not one single Congressman will get a pass on this slap in the face. Elections are close and we have the names and the networks to


Did we just give up all opportunities to conduct meaningful reforms during yet another round of budget fires?

Like always … the ESTABLISHMENT Republicans cave again without any concessions. 

This surrender comes when Conservatives have the strongest position that anyone can remember!

Guess what? President Obama and the Democrats are taking it much harder than the lame-stream media will ever tell you! Did you hear that even in the Liberal stronghold Boulder, Colorado, college kids are blaming the Democrats and the PRESIDENT! Hope lives!

Meanwhile, Obama's approval ratings are 37%, the lowest of his Presidency. 

You and I know that spending cuts must be a big part of any deal on lifting the debt ceiling.

Not promises to discuss cuts, maybe, at some time, down the line, kinda sorta if they feel like it.  WE DEMAND ACTUAL CUTS HAPPEN NOW!

We are not desperate to end this stand-off so why are the ESTABLISHMENT REPUBLICANS SO READY TO SURRENDER?  

Could it be because the Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, and the establishment Republicans, are in a show down against the young and upcoming Constitutional Conservatives!


The establishment Republicans are calling anyone who supports FreedomWorks or the Senate Conservatives Fund, a traitor to the party!

This Ping-Pong with the American people and our hard-earned tax dollars is very discouraging since all the Continuing Resolutions sent back to the House didn’t include one-single compromise!  Now, we have no leverage again?

Perhaps we will see some compromise done behind closed doors on the tax that Harry Reid called “stupid.”  Yes, perhaps business will get an exemption from the additional medical device healthcare tax, BUT NOT YOU OR ME!  

Obama is intentionally hurting our military’s moral and inflicting pain on the families of the fallen soldiers. Why would any President do this?

When did Obama know that the families of the fallen would not get their benefits? There were 26 deaths before he notices anything is wrong?  This is playing politics with those that RISK EVERYTHING for the CONSTITUTION AND THEIR COUNTRY!

Thanks to some Conservatives, like Fisher House, at least a few of the fallen will have their benefits paid to the grieving families.

Let’s keep this up the fax brigade until everyone can see the ugly truth! This administration is bullying its citizens! Call it what you want, this must stop and it must stop here and now.

Lawyers at the White House knew this lack of support was happening…Obama knew. Yet they let it happen to prove a point. They are in power, they control the purse, and they will intimidate anyone that speaks against the administration!

Harry Reid vowed to veto the PAY THE VETERANS ACT but in the end – it was he who gave in to our demands, and more importantly, what is right for the American people.   

So why did the House cave now?

We deserve to know!

We can’t trust the lame stream media to do their job.  You and I, we will take up the cause and FAX this out of control and too big federal government and Congress.

Where is the President? Campaigning and golfing, no doubt. I believe his precious golf-course is still open; the Congressional Gym is still open, although some are complaining of the lack of service due to the shut down! This is a kick in the face!


“As Crisis Unfolds, Obama Sets Personal Golf Record” 


Shouldn’t we, the People get the same one year delay on Obamacare that big business gets? That Obama's friends and the Unions get?  This is not much to ask considering what a mess the Exchanges are today!

Tell the Republicans in both HOUSES to get back to work, stick with it…DO WHAT IS BEST FOR THIS COUNTY! NOT WHAT IS BEST FOR THEIR NEXT ELECTION!


It’s easy - Require Congress to prioritize interest payments on the debt in the event of a shut down.

We know that the United States can’t technically default so tell Congress and this President to stop telling lies to scare people into obeying his every command!  

Tell the establishment Republicans to shut up and sit down and let the new guys do what they themselves should have been doing all along … PROTECT OUR RIGHTS and PROPERTY!

Meanwhile, back at the Ping-Pong headquarters, the President announces he would veto any Continuing Resolution that delays the implementation of Obamacare.

This shut down is different than any other in history. How? Because it intentionally hurts our servicemembers unfairly. Who thinks this is a good idea? Hold them accountable.

Give our military anything they’ve been promised and it should be hand-delivered by Secretary of Defense, HAGEL!

Did you know that Tuesday was the first time in Hagel’s tenure that he met the solders coming home in coffins? Yes, the first time he was at Dover was this week. One hundred and thirteen Soldiers HAVE come home to Dover and this is the first time Hagel went to meet the families and bodies out of respect for the ultimate sacrifice!

You and I know that Mitch McConnell and his minions profess that Obamacare is the “law of the land” and it will never be repealed. The media repeats the message.

This just proves they are afraid of us now! Our faxes, our voices are being heard! The silent majority is standing up and saying NO MORE!

Tell Congress to stop the over-taking of our private industries and let the free-market bring us out of this crisis! Get down to business, not politics as usual.

This government can’t take care of the people and programs we have now, HOW can this government take over healthcare – an industry that is 17% of our economy?!

The most recent shut down came in 1996, under President Bill Clinton – it was for three weeks - 21!  The world didn’t fall apart.  The President got together with Congress and there was conversation and a deal!


And while you are at it Congress, take care of the bills that were introduced:

Let’s get faxes blowing up their machines to protect our protectors!

HR 3216: to ensure that members of the Armed Forces and Federal law enforcement officers continue to receive their pay and allowances despite a shut down of the Federal Government or in the event that the debt of the United States Government reaches the statutory limit. Just introduced!

And, don’t forget my personal favorite…

HR 3215: To suspend the salary of Members of Congress and deem Members of Congress as “non-essential” employees during a government shut down.

HR 3214: Making continuing appropriations for personnel critical to national security during a Government shut down. 

 HR 3187: To appropriate such funds as may be necessary to ensure that members of the Armed Forces, including reserve components thereof, and supporting civilian and contractor personnel continue to receive pay and allowances for active service performed when a Government-wide shut down occurs.

HR 3175: Making appropriations for FY 2014 to ensure that members of the Armed Forces, including reserve components thereof, continue to receive pay and allowances for active service performed during a Government shut down. 

S 1543: to appropriate such funds as may be necessary to ensure that members of the Armed Forces, including reserve components thereof, and supporting civilian and contractor personnel continue to receive pay and allowances for active service performed when a funding gap caused by the failure to enact interim or full-year appropriations for the Armed Forces occurs, which results in the furlough of non-emergency personnel and the curtailment of Government activities and services.

Military Pay Protection Act (S 1541): to appropriate such funds as may be necessary to ensure that members of the Armed Forces, including reserve components thereof, and supporting civilian and contractor personnel continue to receive pay and allowances for active service performed when a Government-wide shut down occurs.

Pay Our Veterans and Seniors First Act (HR 3152): To prohibit Members of Congress, the President, the Vice President, and the head of any Executive department from receiving pay for any period in which there is a Government shut down and to provide for payments to seniors, military and veterans during a Government shut down.

HR 3166: to appropriate such funds as may be necessary to ensure certain important functions of the Government continue during a Government-wide shut down.

Government Shut down Fairness Act (HR 3160): to reduce the annual rate of pay of Members of Congress if a Government shut down occurs during a year.

DC Government Shut down Avoidance Act (HR 3100): To amend the District of Columbia Home Rule Act to make local funds of the District of Columbia available for use by the District during any portion of a fiscal year in which no Federal law appropriating local funds for the fiscal year is in effect, at the rates of operation provided under the local budget act for the fiscal year.

If the Library of Congress websites are not updated, we will do our best to update our readers and followers through email and our Facebook page.


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily